Clary & Associates Professional Surveyors and Mappers Welcomes Three New Additions To Its Team


Jacksonville, FL — December 20, 2004 — Clary & Associates Professional Surveyors and Mappers is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its team of survey technicians: Tyreese Lee and Stephen Speaks, S.I.T.

As a survey technician, Lee offers Clary & Associates six years of surveying and mapping experience gained through his experience as an Air Force civil engineer, as well as through a wealth of on-the-job training. His duties include data collection and map preparation, computer-aided drafting, working with a variety of relevant software programs, such as AutoCAD, and producing boundary and right-of-way surveys. Clary & Associate’s Government Division clients primarily utilize Lee’s technical contributions.

“Clary & Associates is a great fit for me, particularly due to my military training. I am very comfortable coming into the company because I already had learned about 70 percent of the required job skills,” Tyreese Lee, survey technician with Clary & Associates, said. “My work is used by many government agencies, such as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The difference between making maps for the FDOT and making them for the military is like night and day. It is my goal to apply the company’s high standards of excellence to all of my work, and ultimately, to make every customer happy and satisfied.”

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lee has been a Florida resident for almost three years. Currently, he is studying for an Associate of Arts degree at Florida Community College at Jacksonville. He is an avid sports fan and ESPN viewer. In his spare time, Lee enjoys modifying his car with the latest in performance enhancement technology.

Clary & Associates survey technician Stephen Speaks’ primary responsibility is to ensure the reliability of survey and mapping measurements. This information is used in Vice President Bob Pittman’s decision-making processes for the company’s Private Sector clients. Speaks brings six years of industry experience and a multitude of technical skills to his position.

Speaks’ professional experience includes previous ownership of a Palatka-based land consulting firm, and work as a survey technician in other Florida cities. He also completed an internship with the St. Johns River Water Management District. Currently, Speaks holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying and Mapping, and he is preparing to sit early next year for the second half of the exam to become professionally licensed in the State of Florida.

Speaks is a native of Palatka and an active member of his church. Most of his time is spent learning about land surveying, and he loves to spend time with his wife, Kelly, and their children. Speaks recently became the proud father of a baby girl. His family also includes his eldest son and twin boys! The Clary & Associates family applauds his professional and personal achievements.

“Clary & Associates is the premier surveying and mapping company in this part of the country because it operates with such high ethical values,” Stephen Speaks, survey technician for Clary & Associates, said.

Clary & Associates also welcomes Michael Brent to the company’s highly skilled team of survey technicians.

Brent’s 14-plus years of field and industry experience serves well the company’s various Government Division clients, such as the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the City of Jacksonville (COJ). As a survey technician, Brent’s duties include data collection and map preparation, production of boundary and right-of-way surveys, computer-aided drafting and more.

“I often conduct property and records research,” Michael Brent, survey technician for Clary & Associates, said. “My job also requires that I be knowledgeable in a variety of specialized software programs, such as AutoCAD/Softdesk, CAiCE/EFB, GeoPak and Microstation. I really like working for Clary & Associates because it specializes entirely in land surveying and mapping. You have job security in this industry, and it is a career that offers steady work hours. Clary & Associates’ supervisors do a great job, and the company employs a lot of talented individuals.”

Prior to joining Clary and Associates, Brent worked in the land surveying and home improvement fields in Florida and his native New York. Florida, however, has been his home since 1995. Brent also worked to earn two Associate in Applied Science degrees — one for Land Survey Technician and one in Accounting — at State University of New York.

Brent is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys a multitude of activities: Coastal and freshwater fishing, woodworking, carpentry and home improvement projects, and hiking in Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park and Guana River State Park. He and his wife, Marisa, have two daughters.

“Mike is very down to earth. He is a great asset to our company and to our clients,” Greg Clary, founder and president of Clary & Associates, said. “He possesses outstanding communication skills and industry knowledge, and his constant commitment to producing high quality work is in line with the high standards of our company. Technical development is one key factor that determines the success of a survey technician. Mike is very successful, and highly skilled.” 

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