Dennis Elswick Celebrates 15 Years With Clary & Associates Professional Surveyors and Mappers

Jacksonville, FL — November 3, 2004 — Jacksonville-based Clary & Associates Professional Surveyors and Mappers is pleased to announce Executive Vice President Dennis Elswick’s 15 years of service with the company.

In addition to serving as executive vice president for Clary & Associates, Elswick also manages the company’s Government Division. Having joined the team in 1989, he brings nearly 40 years of industry experience to his position. His duties include overseeing all aspects of new contract negotiations and management, time and cost estimations and project management. Elswick also extensively works with key officials of the Florida Department of Transportation, as well as various state and local governmental agencies and engineering firms.

“Mathematics is a lot of fun for me,” Elswick said. “It’s like an artist looking at their completed painting. To see the results of your work is very satisfying and rewarding.”

As manager of the Underground Utility Division, Elswick manages all aspects of utility location for Clary & Associates’ design projects. Whether utilities are shown from “as-builts,” or design plans, are field located or shown from subsurface excavation, Elswick’s extensive experience in PD&E projects, design and right-of-way surveying ensures his success in meeting client needs.

“Dennis’ industry experience and impressive working knowledge of professional surveying and mapping is just the beginning of what he has to offer our clients,” said Greg Clary, founder and president of Clary & Associates. “His commitment to providing quality service, as well as his high expectations and standards, is what makes him a highly effective executive member of our team.”

Prior to joining Clary & Associates, Elswick worked several years as a project manager for a Tampa-based engineering and consulting firm. Currently, Elswick is a licensed professional surveyor and mapper in Florida and Mississippi. He is a member of the Florida Engineering Society and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping. He also is a charter member of the Jacksonville chapter of the American Society of Highway Engineers.

A native of Virginia, Elswick served in the Armed Forces and spent five years as a small business owner before making professional surveying and mapping his primary career. Having settled in Florida many years ago, Elswick enjoys the state’s championship golf and deep-sea fishing, as well being an avid fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He and his wife Jan, a Homestead native, have two daughters.

“It has been very enjoyable to work with Greg (Clary),” said Elswick. “I’ve been in this business almost 40 years, and these are the best 15 I’ve spent. I would recommend anyone to work with this company. Greg demands that you do a good job, and in the event of a crisis, he is the first one in line to help. I’ve worked for small and large companies, and for many in between, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else but here.”

Since 1983, Clary & Associates, Inc. has been making its mark as a leading provider of professional surveying and mapping services. Specializing in residential and commercial land development projects, Clary & Associates has a well-earned reputation for delivering high performance and value. By blending innovation and integrity, founder Greg Clary and his team of skilled professionals are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence while serving clients in the real estate, architecture, engineering and transportation industries, as well as state and local government.

Clary & Associates, Inc. provides a wide range of services, including: Professional surveying and mapping services, GPS surveys, transportation design and right-of-way surveys, subsurface utility designation and excavation, and Geographic Information System services.

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