Clary & Associates Enjoys Company Growth While Meeting Client Demand

Jacksonville, FL — October 21, 2004 — Jacksonville-based Clary & Associates, Inc., the industry leader for professional surveying and mapping services throughout Florida, is meeting client demand by expanding its team, equipment and company fleet.

In response to an increase in services needed by growing client requirements, particularly that of residential and commercial real estate developers, Clary and Associates has significantly increased in size over the last year. In addition to an impressive client list, the company is enjoying a great deal of repeat business, as well as creating new client relationships. To accommodate new growth, the company’s Jacksonville headquarters has undergone interior and exterior renovations, such as the addition of office and parking space.

To best serve its diverse clientele of private businesses, government agencies, and architectural and engineering firms, company president Greg Clary continues to actively recruit the best local and regional talent, including Vice President Bob Pittman, P.S.M. Clary & Associates’ skilled professionals — many whom have been with the company for more than a decade, such as Vice President Dennis Elswick, P.S.M. — pride themselves on being a valuable resource of manpower ready to meet projected growth within the northern region of the state.   

“The rapid growth and development of our area is dictating the high demand for our services, and we have been more than excited to meet that demand as quickly as possible,” said Greg Clary, president of Clary & Associates, Inc. “Our number one priority is serving our clients. We accomplish this by maintaining a team of professionals who are the best in the industry. Our expertise is based on experience and the ability to research and implement leading-edge technology.” 

Over the year, Clary & Associates has upgraded its GPS to the latest technology to provide Geodetic Control for its surveying projects. From AutoCAD/Softdesk, Microstation/GeoPak and MicroSurvey, Clary & Associates uses only the most recent computer software applications to provide state-of-the-art surveying and mapping services. Clary also uses emerging Bluetooth wireless communication technology by equipping key personnel with Blackberry Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). The Blackberry provides 24/7 phone and email access nationwide.

“Not only do we closely watch the advances of technology as they apply to our industry, we watch for developments in our clients’ industries so that we may anticipate their requirements and be suitably equipped to serve them,” Clary said.

Credited with more than 30 years of experience, Clary and his team have grown the full-service company from very humble beginnings, and its progress shows no signs of slowing. Rooted out of a small office of only 600 square feet, and operating with only a handful of employees, Clary & Associates has considerably expanded its operations to accommodate growth.

Currently, the company operates out of a 6,500-square-foot facility housing a multitude of high-tech equipment and highly trained professionals. Whatever the company size, however, Clary & Associates’ interest will always lie in servicing its clients.   

“Being professional surveyors and mappers is truly a passion of ours,” Clary said. “Breaking new ground is as exciting for us as it is for any of our clients. To be able to be a part of building communities and creating land boundaries that never will be erased over time is an unbeatable feeling.”

Since 1983, Clary & Associates, Inc. has been making its mark as a leading provider of professional surveying and mapping services. Specializing in residential and commercial land development projects, Clary & Associates has a well-earned reputation for delivering high performance and value. By blending innovation and integrity, founder Greg Clary and his team of skilled professionals are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence while serving clients in the real estate, architecture, engineering and transportation industries, as well as state and local government.

Clary & Associates, Inc. provides a wide range of services, including: Professional surveying and mapping services, GPS surveys, transportation design and right-of-way surveys, subsurface utility designation and excavation, and Geographic Information System services.

Clary & Associates is located at 3830 Crown Point Road in Jacksonville. For more information, please call (904) 260-2703, or visit