CompassCom Spins Off CompassData as Separate Company

Introduces Ground Control Archive

BIG SKY, MONT., 19 July 2004 — CompassCom Inc. of Centennial, Colo., today announced the creation of CompassData Inc., formerly a CompassCom business unit which specializes in collecting high-quality ground control points (GCPs) for orthorectification of aerial and satellite imagery. In addition, CompassData introduced the availability of the CompassData Ground Control Archive containing more than 6,000 points collected worldwide by CompassData since 1998.

“CompassData fills a very specific niche in the market for highly accurate ground control points and related services,” said W. Brant Howard, CompassCom President and CEO, during the official announcement of the formation of CompassData today at the Annual Meeting of the Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) at Big Sky Resort, Montana.

CompassData specializes in the field collection of high-quality ground control and other data in support of mapping and GIS applications. In addition to acquiring GPS ground control worldwide for image orthorectification, CompassData provides the following field data collection services:

– Base map creation, using existing and/or newly-collected data, for GIS applications, E911 dispatch, emergency vehicle routing and telecommunications applications.

– Data verification to help customers evaluate the accuracy of an existing data set, particularly for precise positioning of cellular transmission/relay tower locations in the wireless telecommunications industry.

– E911 mapping, which includes street centerline creation and address matching, for use in computer aided dispatch systems operated by PSAPs and other public safety organizations.

“The CompassData Ground Control Archive meets the needs of aerial photogrammetric and satellite imaging firms that require immediate delivery of ground control data,” said Steve Townsend, CompassData Field Operations Manager.

The archive contains more than 6,000 photo-identifiable GCPs collected and cataloged by CompassData since 1998 and covers more than 700 project locations in North America, South America, Africa and Europe. GCPs in the archive were surveyed using Trimble ProXRS or survey-grade GPS equipment and have passed rigorous quality-control procedures. The accuracy of all sub-meter GCPs is 70 cm or better horizontally and 125 cm or better vertically. Decimeter GCP accuracy is 20 cm or better horizontally and 60 cm or better vertically. Coordinates are provided in decimal degrees in the WGS84 datum (NAD83 in the United States). Heights are provided in meters.

In addition, all archive GCPs are sufficiently documented to accurately place points in aerial or satellite imagery, and CompassData provides a text file containing attribute data, a hand-drawn sketch and digital pictures of the GCP location. Readily available, archive GCPs are used to correct or enhance aerial and satellite imagery accuracy. Additional GCPs are being added continuously to the archive. And CompassData is always available to collect new GCPs at the client’s request virtually anywhere in the world.

“Because archive GCPs are available instantly, our customers don’t have to collect new data in their area of interest, saving them substantial time and money,” said Townsend.

About CompassData Inc.
CompassData Inc. is a woman-owned, geographic data solutions provider located in Centennial, Colo. Operating as a business unit of CompassCom Inc. since 1998 and incorporated in November 2003, CompassData specializes in collecting and reselling high-quality, spatially-accurate data for GIS applications, photogrammetry and emergency dispatch systems. Using the latest GPS technology and years of field experience, CompassData ensures data accuracy and customer satisfaction.

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