SECO awarded EDD Employer of the Year

SECO honored by California Employment Development Department for employing veterans

REDDING, CA — The California Employment Development Department awarded SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated the Employer of the Year Award for its commitment in hiring veterans for 2004.
“There will be a perpetual award for the top employer of veterans this year,” said Kevin Marshall, Redding EDD Veterans Employment Representative.  “This award will be displayed in the veterans section of Redding City Hall on a permanent basis.  This is our way of saying thank you to the businesses hiring veterans and the appreciation they show them for serving their country,” he said.
“We owe a great deal to the veterans, in our community, that have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  SECO is proud to have several employees that are veterans,” Said Paul Ogden, SECO CEO.
Mike Dahl, SECO Vice President, and a former Marine who served two tours of duty in Viet Nam, expressed thanks for receiving the reward and added: “The benefit of having veterans in our workforce is that they have the personal skills associated with military structure and discipline that make them responsible and hard-working.  I am very proud of our vets at SECO, especially in light of our country’s ongoing operations in the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.”