Leica 3D Point Clouds Displayed in Intergraph Process, Power & Marine SmartPlant Review Software

Data Integration of Existing Facility Conditions Reduces Plant Engineering Time and Effort

San Ramon, CA, May 25, 2004 – Leica Geosystems HDS, Inc. (www.hds.leica-geosystems.com, formerly Cyra Technologies) announced that their laser scanning point cloud data integration capabilities are supported in the next release of Intergraph Corporation’s <NASDAQ: INGR> Process, Power & Marine division’s SmartPlant Review® 3D visualization software. The capability will be offered with SmartPlant Review 5.1, with scheduled availability fourth quarter. SmartPlant Review (ppm.intergraph.com/visualization) is the first high-performance 3D visualization and design review software to offer vendor-neutral point cloud data integration with the plant modeling software environment. Intergraph Corporation’s Process, Power & Marine division is a leading vendor in integrated life cycle software for the engineering, design, construction and operation of process and power plants, marine oil and gas facilities and commercial ships.
Keith Denton, executive manager, Business Development, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine made the initial announcement May 19, 2004 at SPAR 2004, an industry conference, within his overview of Intergraph’s technology, software capabilities, and direction of existing-conditions data integration for plant owners and engineering firms. Intergraph also demonstrated the capabilities of Leica’s point data integration within SmartPlant Review 3D using data sets from both Leica’s HDS3000 and HDS4500 laser scanners. The demonstration of HDS3000 data within SmartPlant Review 3D featured true-color images of High-Definition Survey™ point cloud data, while the demonstration of HDS4500 data within SmartPlant Review 3D featured very large data sets from Leica’s ultra high-speed, phase-based HDS4500 laser scanner.

User Benefits
Integration of point cloud data within SmartPlant Review 3D helps lower the time, effort and cost of process plant retrofit engineering and construction projects by helping engineers take advantage of the accuracy and completeness of point clouds for better design of retrofit projects. Better design, based on such existing condition data integration, translates into less construction rework due to interferences and fit-up problems and helps eliminate costly field fabrication.

Open System Displays, Manipulates Point Clouds
SmartPlant Review 5.1 point cloud capabilities include loading, displaying and manipulating data from the Leica Geosystems HDS Cyclone™ Point Cloud Engine (PCE). SmartPlant Review provides collision detection, measurement and full walk-through and view manipulation features for point clouds. The software accurately displays the proposed retrofit 3D model within the point cloud defining the existing conditions. The Cyclone PCE provides technology for managing and serving large point cloud data within SmartPlant Review. SmartPlant Review renders point cloud information using the Cyclone PCE Level of Detail spatial data management system, balancing the amount of points loaded and rendered with efficient visualization and manipulation of the view. Point clouds are rendered in true color or laser intensity return color mapping.

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Intergraph Process, Power & Marine enables customers to create, capture and manage plant information as a strategic asset by providing integrated life cycle software for the engineering, design, construction and operation of process and power plants, marine oil and gas facilities and commercial ships. Core brands include SmartPlant® and PDS™ for plant design, IntelliShip™ for marine design, SmartPlant Foundation for lifecycle engineering information management and MARIAN® for materials, procurement and supply chain management. Backed by a quarter century of industry experience, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine (ppm.intergraph.com) is the acknowledged global leader in the plant creation market (Source: Daratech Inc.). A division of Intergraph Corporation, Process, Power & Marine is headquartered in Huntsville, Ala. USA, employs approximately 700 people and does business in more than 60 countries. Intergraph Corporation common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol: INGR.

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Leica Geosystems HDS Inc. (formerly Cyra Technologies Inc.), http://hds.leica-geosystems.com or www.cyra.com, is based in San Ramon, California. The company specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of High-Definition Surveying™ (also known as 3D laser scanning) systems and software. These products are used for performing as-built, detail, engineering, and topographic surveys for a variety of 2D & 3D mapping and modeling applications in the AEC and other markets. The company was founded in 1993, was acquired in 2001 by Leica Geosystems AG, and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary. The company is a leading hardware and software vendor in this emerging market.

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