#4 – Natalie McCombs & Adam Horn

If you’ve ever wished you could listen in as two top-flight experts on modern bridge design and construction engage in discussion about the cutting-edge geospatial technologies now applied in this infrastructure arena, this is the episode for you.

HNTB Associate Fellow Natalie McCombs is a structural engineer specializing in bridge design, and was a judge for the prestigious 2024 Prize Bridge Awards.
 HNTB Section Leader of Civil Integrated Solutions Adam Horn is a land surveyor who leads a team that implements the use of high technology to the layout, construction, and monitoring of bridges.
 HNTB Corporation is, of course, the multinational infrastructure design firm founded in 1914 in Kansas City, Missouri and now with 6,100 employees worldwide, is considered one of the most trusted firms in the AEC sector.
 My conversation with Natalie and Adam did not disappoint; I learned a lot about geospatial aspects of bridge design that were entirely new to me, such as ‘reverse digital twinning’ and ‘geospatial convergence’ and this episode concludes with some fascinating and slightly controversial thoughts on the ways that artificial intelligence is likely to change bridge design, construction, and operation forever.