GeoMax Introduces Zenith60 Pro GNSS Smart Antenna

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the new GeoMax Zenith60 Pro GNSS smart antenna.

Optimized Performance

For surveyors and construction professionals who want to get the job done on time and with confidence, the advanced Zenith60 Pro GNSS smart antenna ensures precise, accurate, and hassle-free measurements. The new, powerful RTK rover provides high quality data and supports a streamlined workflow. The Zenith60 Pro’s tilt compensation makes it possible to measure otherwise inaccessible points and increases your speed of work and measurement accuracy.

Zenith60 Pro Rendering Top Down Right Diagonal

Excellent Reliability

Face any challenge and have your job done with the new Zenith60 Pro. Whether it’s harsh climate, urban areas, dense canopy coverage, or other challenging terrains, the Zenith60 Pro supports you in overcoming obstacles with minimal effort. With our multi- constellation, multi-frequency GNSS receiver you can complete your surveying and construction projects accurately and on time, regardless of the circumstances.

Zenith60 Pro Rendering Right Diagonal Long Pole

Boosted Efficiency for your digital workflow

Zenith60 Pro is fully integrated with the GeoMax ecosystem, providing a comprehensive solution that works when you do. Zenith60 Pro has been designed to connect with GeoMax total stations and innovative X-PAD field software that enables an efficient and flexible workflow. X-PAD Software provides a simple user experience without extra software maintenance costs.

Key features

  • Multi-constellation – GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, NavIC
  • GNSS board with 800+ channels
  • Calibration-free tilt compensation
  • Multi-frequency – Resilient to high solar activity
  • Integrated LTE phone modem and UHF radio modem
  • IP68 protection against dust and water
  • Withstands 2 m pole topple-over
  • Internal memory and microSD card storage
  • GeoMax X-PAD field software