KS Associates Welcomes Scott A. Horan, PE, PS

KSAssocKS Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that Scott A. Horan, P.E., P.S., has joined the KS Survey Group. Scott serves as Associate Director of Surveying Services, reporting directly to Mark A. Yeager, P.S., Director of Surveying Services.

Scott is a dual-licensed Professional Engineer and Professional Surveyor. This unique blend of qualifications translates into a holistic understanding of projects and the delivery of integrated solutions.

In this leadership role, Scott will be responsible for business development, client relationship management, project management, quality control, and the integration of new technology into KS surveying practices.

“The integration of Scott into our surveying team strengthens KS Associates’ capacity and bolsters our expertise. Scott’s communication and management skills, coupled with a keen interest in technology and innovation, will result in a continuity of responsiveness to growing client needs and surveying advancements.” – Mark A. Yeager, P.S., Director of Surveying Services –

With a 16-year career in surveying and engineering, and a track record of successful projects, Scott brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the growing KS surveying team.

About KS Associates, Inc.

KSAssoc2KS Associates, Inc. is an engineering and land surveying firm that provides planning, design, and construction phase services. Our surveying services include right-of-way plan development and LiDAR/3D laser scanning to support the design and construction of public and private infrastructure projects.