Allen & Company Partners with Civil Engineer Zev Cohen

Single-Family Development Project in Volusia County

Allen & Company, a premier mapping, surveying, and geospatial services firm headquartered in Central Florida, is proud to announce its work with civil engineer Zev Cohen and Associates, Inc. (ZCA) on a residential single-family development project located in Daytona Beach on LPGA Blvd. The scope of work for Allen & Company included mapping underground utilities, soft dig excavation, corner staking, and route surveys.

The project required setting aerial targets and recording horizontal and vertical data for LiDAR and photogrammetry in Phases 1 and 2. Given Allen & Company’s expertise in surveying, the firm applied its knowledge identifying and recording all above-ground features as well as the designation of all underground utilities. The company also conducted topographic surveys in concert with ZCA, an industry leader in utility infrastructure design.

“Partnering with Zev Cohen on a project of this complexity ensures that the requirements of all above- and below-ground utility work is properly addressed,” said Butch Allen, Founder and President of Allen & Company. “We’re proud of the partnership and work we did to meet the needs of the development and client.”

The two firms collaborated on such local site work as platting, setting of centerline control points and corner monuments, and collecting spot-grade elevations. The work also entailed vacuum excavation for water main and sanitary force main connections as part of their survey to ensure a proper roadway connection with Grande Champion Blvd. in Phase 2.

“This project speaks to the synergy of our working relationship with Zev Cohen to provide a frictionless experience for our mutual customers,” said Allen. “We continue to work together to deliver top-quality work throughout Volusia County.”

About Zev Cohen and Associates

Zev Cohen and Associates, Inc., (ZCA) was founded in Ormond Beach in 1977 and provides high-quality consulting services in this region. The company’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach to delivering cost-effective, high-quality technical services (while meeting and exceeding their clients’ needs, expectations, schedules, and budgets) is evidenced by their clients’ loyalty and longevity. The entire ZCA organization is committed to providing personal service and professional design. ZCA’s experience and the diversity of projects are essential to providing quality services and meeting clients’ expectations. For more information, visit

About Allen & Company

Founded in 1988, Allen & Company is a progressive and technology-driven surveying, mapping, and geospatial services company with teams supporting the needs of clients across the United States and internationally. The company employs more than 130 professionals across multiple competencies, with Professional Surveyors and Mappers (PSMs), Certified Surveying Technicians (CSTs), FAA-licensed drone pilots, CAD operators, Reality Capture techs, and Geospatial Specialists who provide a complete range of Aerial, Land Surface, Subterranean, and Hydrographic surveying, mapping, geospatial, and reality capture solutions. Allen & Company serves clients locally and across the U.S. from their coast-to-coast offices. For more information, visit