Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Association Announces Board of Directors, Officers

Fairfax, VA –The Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Association has elected its officers and board of directors to oversee the organization for 2023-2024. The Board was elected by members attending the association’s recent annual conference in Arlington, VA in September, and the board subsequently elected officers.

Serving as President and Chairman of the Board of the SUEA is Daniel Checchia of Colliers Engineering & Design, Boca Raton, Florida; President-Elect is Nicholas Zembillas of Subsurface Utility Engineering, LLC, Tarpon Springs, Florida; Secretary is Joseph Porter of Lamb-Star Engineering, LLC, Golden, Colorado; and Treasurer is John Berrettini, of A/I/Data, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland. Rounding out the governing body are these directors: Art Worthman, Survwest, Englewood, Colorado; Lawrence Arcand, 4Sight Utility Engineers, Whitby, Ontario, Canada; Bryan Teschke, The Lexis Group, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Rhett Sloan​, Surveying And Mapping (SAM), LLC, North Jackson, Ohio; Clifford Meis, Utility Mapping Services, Inc., Clancy, Montana; and Robert Ramsey, T2 Utility Engineers, Phoenix, Arizona.

At the annual conference, more than 100 members and thought leaders in the SUE market heard about legislation, standards, new markets, technology, and business practices in subsurface utility engineering.

About SUEA

The Subsurface Utility Engineering Association ( was formed in 2018 as a trade and professional association of firms, organizations and individuals engaged in performing subsurface utility engineering services to investigate and depict existing underground utility infrastructure through the collection and analysis of records, visual, geophysical, and/or exposure methods and assigns achieved Utility Quality Levels to non-visible Utility Segments and Utility Features based upon the integration of all the analyzed data with professional judgment at a defined point in time, and depict those data for engineering decisions, as prescribed in ASCE 38-22, the Standard Guideline for Investigating and Documenting Existing Utilities. It also includes membership categories for equipment manufacturers, software providers, universities, government agencies, and other organizations related to subsurface utility engineering.