Carlson Precision3D Hydrology 2023 is Released With Full Storm Sewer Design

Precision 3D Hydrology 2023, Carlson Software’s immersive 3D hydrology design solution, has been released. The new release includes a host of new features, most notably full storm sewer design in addition to the standard culvert design, channel liner design and peak flow calculations of previous releases.

Carlson P3DHydro2023LeadScreen 1

A large and expanding library of headwalls, inlets and manholes is provided as standard with Precision3D Hydrology 2023.  With the new release, you can design in 3D using precise Digital Terrain Models as made in Carlson Civil 2023 or as imported from other CAD software products in the form of LandXML files.

Precision3D Hydrology 2023 benefits greatly from “Intelligent TINs” of DTM files that include the land covers. These Intelligent TINs can be made in Carlson commands such as Road Network within the Carlson Civil module or updated by the Define Watershed Layers command within the Hydrology module. These intelligent TIN files are then loaded in Precision3D Hydrology and used to precisely calculate peak flows based not only on the computed watershed feeding each inlet (or culvert), but factoring in the land covers and associated Runoff Coefficients and Curve Numbers.

Precision3D Hydrology 2023 is the ultimate design tool for fast and accurate storm sewer and culvert design. And with the built-in “Dynamiccad” capability, designs in Precision3D Hydrology can plot directly to CAD in real-time. Discover the unrivaled automation of Precision3D Hydrology 2023!

Precision3D Hydrology 2023 is being released with an in-depth video training series, available for free here.

To learn more, purchase, or for a free trial, contact your local Carlson dealer or sales representative, or call 606-564-5028. You may also visit this page to download Precision3D 2023 and request a free trial. To find your sales representative or dealer, click here.

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