Atmos UAV Introduces the Sony a6100 Oblique to Provide Accurate and Affordable 3D Mapping

[Valkenburg, August 9th, 2023] – Atmos UAV, a leading innovator in the VTOL mapping drone industry, is excited to announce the integration of the new Sony a6100 Oblique camera into its flagship surveying drone, the Marlyn Cobalt. This strategic partnership with Sony further solidifies Atmos UAV’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions to professionals in the geospatial mapping and surveying sectors.

Marlyn Cobalt Equipped With Sony A6100

Figure 1 Marlyn Cobalt equipped with Sony a6100.

The Sony a6100 Oblique camera is a revolutionary addition to the Marlyn Cobalt, which combines Sony’s 24MP a6100 with a Meike 12mm lens, providing an excellent solution for cost-effective, lower-resolution surveying and produces fantastic 3D models for urban surveys.

Competitive Pricing 

One of the primary advantages of the Sony a6100 Oblique integration is its competitive pricing. As the entry-level cousin to the workhorse a7RIV 61MP camera, the a6100 comes in at a 20% lower price point, whilst still managing a respectable 4cm [1.5in] GSD at 400 feet. This allows professionals to access high-quality imagery without breaking the bank.

Unmatched Oblique Information for Urban 3D Mapping

The 12mm wide angle lens, and fixed angled mounting empowers the a6100 Oblique to capture a high quality of data on vertical surfaces, allowing for a comprehensive view of urban environments during 3D mapping missions. This feature significantly enhances data collection efficiency and improves the accuracy of 3D models, giving surveyors and urban planners unparalleled insights for their projects.

A6100 Nadir And Oblique Data

Figure 2 Oblique and Nadir data with Sony a6100.

Expanded Coverage with Exceptional Resolution

With the integration of the ‘Sony a6100 Oblique’ camera, the ‘Marlyn Cobalt’ now boasts an impressive 350-hectare coverage at 400 feet. This means that surveyors can efficiently cover vast areas in a single flight, reducing operational time and costs. The resulting ground sampling distance (GSD) of 4cm at that altitude ensures high-resolution data acquisition, delivering sharp and detailed images for precise analysis.

A6100 Capture 1

Figure 3 Image captured by Marlyn Cobalt equipped with Sony a6100.

See it in Action

To showcase the outstanding quality of the urban mapping capabilities, including the 3D information that can be gleaned from vertical surfaces, we invite you to explore the dataset below. This map was surveyed by one of Atmos’ customers, enabling them to identify and inspect the built and natural environment (houses, treetops, etc.) through different processing ways in the town of Sancta Maria in the Netherlands for urban planning purposes.

The Images & Geotags, plus the impressive completed Point Cloud can be viewed here. A sneak preview of the finished render you can see below.

A6100 3d Reconstruction Sancta Maria Urban Area

Figure 4 3D reconstruction of the Sancta Maria urban area.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Sony and introduce the Sony a6100 camera to our Marlyn Cobalt drone,” said Ruud Knoops, CEO at Atmos UAV. “This integration reflects our ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of professionals in the geospatial industry. The Marlyn Cobalt has always been designed to deliver unparalleled performance, and with the a6100 on board, our customers can achieve even greater success in their surveying and mapping endeavors.”

To learn more about Atmos UAV and the ‘Marlyn Cobalt’ surveying drone with the ‘Sony a6100 Oblique’ camera integration, please visit or contact

About Atmos UAV

Founded in 2013, Atmos is a Dutch scale-up based in Leiden, specialised in the design and production of high-end aerial surveying and data collection drones that enable professionals to effortlessly gather geospatial data from the sky, enabling them to make more informed decisions. The flagship drone model Marlyn has a worldwide unique design that combines the high performance of a conventional fixed-wing aircraft with the flexibility of helicopters. With their patented technology the company targets mapping, construction, mining, agriculture, environmental and related applications. To facilitate the fast growth of the company, Atmos UAV is currently attracting new talent to expand the team and scale-up production.