Webinar: Discussion of the Benefits and Challenges of Transitioning to the Modernized NSRS

June 22, 2023  |  2:00-3:30 pm, ET

Presenter: Jan Van Sickle, Principal Scientist R&D, Maxar Technologies; Linda Foster, Global Manager, Land Records/Cadastre, Esri; Brian Fisher, Registered Land Surveyor, Central Arizona Project; and Davey Edwards, Sr. Project Manager, Baseline |DCCM

As NGS prepares to launch the first alpha products for the 2025 release of the modernized National Spatial Reference System, we have invited four distinguished members of the geospatial community to join us for a discussion about the benefits and challenges they see for transitioning to the new system. NGS recognizes that it will take users both time and resources to make the transition and update their surveying and mapping workflows. We are, however, confident that the benefits derived from using the more accurate and consistent reference systems will be well worth the investment. We are not asking you to take our word for it, but we are inviting you to come talk it over with some of our stakeholders and commercial partners.

*Technical Content Rating: Intermediate – Some prior knowledge of the topic is helpful.

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