NGS News: DSWorld Online Tool Available

DSWorld software is a free application originally distributed by NGS in 2012 to display datasheet information in a “world view.” The tool adds new functionality in that it allows users to report errors they have discovered in the database. The software was designed to provide geospatial professionals and the public with up-to-date geodetic control information at the click of a button. Since its inception, it has been enhanced to become a major interface with NGS and the NGS Integrated Database (IDB).


The new DSWorld Upload Web Form, currently on Beta, offers many of the same features of the application as an online form. It allows users to upload new photos, descriptive text, and updated hand-held GPS coordinates for survey marks with poor positions, as well as report errors and corrections found in the database with photos, estimated coordinates, or text. The website will also allow users to request a new agency code if they do not currently have one.