Carlson Debuts New RTK Engine for GNSS Position Calculation at 40th Anniversary User Conference

Maysville, Kentucky, USA (May 3, 2023) – Today Carlson Software proudly announces a major advance in GNSS positioning technology with an entirely new RTK engine. Gama is Carlson’s next generation RTK engine, named after famed explorer and navigator, Vasco da Gama. Developed by Carlson’s navigation group, Gama is also being debuted with the Carlson RTk5 GNSS solution.

Representing a major step forward in GNSS, Gama has undergone extensive testing under a wide selection of extreme trial scenarios, including under thick tree canopies, in urban and suburban environments, in close proximity to buildings and walls, and more. The implementation of Gama in the RTk5 allows parallel processing with a second RTK engine, providing increased certainty, faster performance, and ultimately, superior results.


In addition to use in Carlson’s own GNSS instruments, Gama will be available for OEM partnerships.

From software to instruments to machine control systems, Carlson has a long history of working with OEM partnerships, and Gama will be the latest addition to our technology portfolio.

Learn more about Gama, as well as Carlson Software’s other core technologies here.

About Carlson

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