Exail Launches New All-in-One INS and DVL System

Southampton, 18/04/2023 – Exail, a global leader in high-performance subsea inertial navigation systems (INS), launches a new all-in-one system that combines the best of inertial navigation and Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) technologies, the Rovins 9 DVL. With this new tightly integrated system, Exail provides subsea vehicles manufacturers with highly accurate and reliable subsea navigation.


Highly compact for easy vehicle integration, the Rovins 9 DVL all-in-one design combines, in a single housing, Exail advanced Fiber-Optic based INS with a Nortek DVL. This tight integration of raw sensor data from both INS and DVL provides operators with highly accurate position, velocity, and attitude information, even in challenging subsea environments. This new all-in-one system is perfectly suited for subsea companies looking to maximize efficiency, and allows for higher levels of reliability, with a position accuracy of up to 0.02%TD and a heading accuracy of up to 0.01°RMS.

“By merging the INS and DVL complementary measurements, the resulting navigation data becomes much more precise and accurate than either system used alone. The ability to connect external sensors such as pressure sensors through the satellite connectors available on the system, provides even greater accuracy.” Says Maxime Le Roy, INS Product Manager at Exail. “The Rovins 9 DVL greatly simplifies the work of subsea operators in the field. The system can be easily integrated into a variety of subsea vehicles, including ROVs, AUVs and tow fishes, thanks to its unique compact horizontal design and plug-and-play feature.”

The Rovins 9 DVL is an ideal choice for AUV manufacturers and e-ROV operators seeking to save watts without compromising on data processing power. It operates on low power consumption and is highly resistant to high pressure and harsh environments. It can be deployed down to 6,000 meters. Exail new all-in-one system is ready for immediate deployment and will help subsea operators saving significant time and money enabling fast in-motion self-alignment and not requiring on-the-field calibration.

About Exail

Exail is a leading high-tech industrial company specializing in cutting-edge robotics, maritime, navigation, aerospace and photonics technologies. With a strong entrepreneurial culture, Exail delivers unrivaled performance, reliability and safety to its civil and defense clients operating in severe environments. From the deep sea to outer space, Exail expands their capabilities with a full range of robust in-house manufactured components, products and systems. Employing a workforce of 1500 people worldwide, the company benefits from a global footprint and conducts its business in over 80 countries. Exail was formed by ECA Group and iXblue joining forces in 2022. It is a subsidiary of Exail Technologies, a family-owned company specialized in high-technology. www.exail.com