New Book: Putting Big Sticks by Little Sticks

Finding My Path as a Land Surveyor

Putting Big Sticks 1 4page AD 200x600“Putting Big Sticks by Little Sticks” is about the journey we all take to find where we belong. It all begins in our formative years. As he gives us a peek into his professional life and the fulfillment he’s found in his career, Ron Nelms retraces his path from childhood adventures to the challenges and tragedies of young adulthood and, ultimately, discovery of the personal gifts that led him to the professional love of his life: land surveying. Ron invites you to follow him on his path to becoming a land surveyor. Perhaps his story will give you the chance to reflect on your own passions and desires, perhaps this could be your chance to reignite your direction in the pursuit of fulfillment. It is never too late to put a life together – to find meaning and purpose that leads to feeling victorious about having lived.

“Putting Big Sticks by Little Sticks” is more than a story about a land surveyor who found his passion. It’s a memoir of a boy and his dog, brotherly love, and the mischievous adventures that call to those anxious to explore woods, hills, abandoned mines and ladybug dens. It’s a story of family resilience, trust, and faith, and the role each has had in Ron’s life. Youth is short-lived, and little boys enjoy precious few years of carefree play and exploration before getting to the task of school, growing up, and starting a family and career. If they’re lucky, they will find a life’s work that fills them up, bringing both joy and pride, all while being a “servant to others,” as Ron describes his work and the responsibility that comes with it. Ron Nelms is one of the lucky ones. Life as a professional land surveyor has been his dream come true. No matter what your personal calling may be, Ron’s story inspires us to lean into our God given gifts and to put them to work in our life.

About the author

Ron is Licensed Land Surveyor in three States and currently resides in Bakersfield, California. He is past President of the California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) and is a proud Rotarian. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and writing.