IDS GeoRadar Extends IQMaps Software to a Wider Range of GPR Systems

Pisa, Italy (15 December 2022) — IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, today announced it is extending the IQMaps software application to a wider range of GPR systems. IQMaps is IDS GeoRadar’s post-processing software application for advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) data analysis, enabling fast interfacing between the user and GPR data.

IQMaps is now available for:

  • IDS GeoRadar Opera Duo: a compact, easy-to-transport and easy-to-deploy ground penetrating radar leveraging robustness, data quality and intuitiveness for unparalleled utility location and mapping
  • IDS GeoRadar RIS MF Hi-Mod: a GPR array solution enabling a high resolution survey while guaranteeing a great depth range
  • Leica DS2000: a highly manoeuvrable detection radar to detect and position underground utilities before digging
  • Leica DSX: an all-in-one utility detection GPR system designed for civil construction and straightforward mapping solution for underground locating

IQMaps software is a customisable processing and analysis tool with a step-by-step approach that guides users in performing the best and the quickest data analysis for utility mapping. The software uses real-time data processing to optimise target management and 3D visualisation of radar data from underground utilities surveys.

Extending the compatibility of IQMaps post-processing software to additional GPR systems makes fast real-time processing and visualisation available for a larger number of users. Designed to perform rapid radar data analysis, IQMaps enhances and simplifies overall data management so that professionals can benefit from increased productivity in utility mapping and detection projects through faster data interpretation.

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