VeriDaaS Acquires 4DM


VeriDaaS CEO, Chris Payne (left) welcomes Steven McArdle, Founder of 4DM into the VeriDaaS organization.

Denver, CO, November 17, 2022 – VeriDaaS Corporation, a leader and innovator in high-definition (HD) LiDAR acquisition and Data as a Service (DaaS) products, has completed its acquisition of 4DM, Inc., a leading GeoIntelligence company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

4DM engages governments, NGOs, and private sector organizations in the areas of intelligent transportation solutions, environmental health, location-based services and risk assessment applications through consulting projects and service-based work. 4DM utilizes sensor technologies with data analytics, numerical modeling, and artificial intelligence with its extensive and deep expertise in science, engineering, and environment, to provide client-driven solutions.

“I’m very excited to have 4DM on board.” said Christopher Payne, VeriDaaS’ CEO.  “The 4DM team is passionate about applying mapping technology to provide clients with the information they need and I’m confident they’ll help VeriDaaS break through to new levels of performance in the way we execute our long-term strategic plan.”

“We are excited to become part of the VeriDaaS team and look forward to expanding the geospatial solutions we can bring to the market, as part of our role in supporting the organization’s strategic vision.” said Founder and President of 4DM, Steven McArdle. Mr. McArdle will take on a leadership role as Chief Innovation Officer to advance the company’s product solutions.

About VeriDaaS

VeriDaaSVeriDaaS Corporation, a leading geospatial solutions provider headquartered in Denver, is bringing the best of Hi-Definition (HD) and ultra-HD LiDAR data to the market. VeriDaaS’ highly accurate datasets and derivative products are curated and supported by an expert team and best-in-class IT infrastructure, resulting in some of the highest quality and most easily accessible products and solutions on the market today. VeriDaaS’ purpose is to reduce the cost of data while expanding accessibility and functionality, satisfying the needs of end users across a wide range of new and emerging markets.