Trimble Introduces Innovative Rail Module for Real-Time Monitoring Software 

Game Changing Add-On Reduces Up to 95 Percent of Office Work for Rail Monitoring Projects


An Automated Monitoring Total Station installation along a railway in Switzerland.

Las Vegas, Nov. 7, 2022—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today Trimble® 4D Control™ (T4D) software version 6.4, featuring an add-on rail-specific monitoring solution. T4D is a software suite for real-time displacement monitoring and detection. The rail module simplifies the data collection process and reduces up to 95 percent of the office work required to automate movement detection.

The announcement was made today at the Trimble Dimensions+ Conference.

Monitoring rail track geometry is necessary to help identify deformations caused by activities such as tectonic movement, heatwaves and nearby construction. The real-time data captured can be used to evaluate track conditions, which can enable operators to make informed decisions regarding track maintenance. This process provides support for continuous rail traffic flow and passenger safety.

The T4D Rail software module, in combination with a Trimble total station, automates time consuming rail monitoring data collection. Conventional data collection methods, which require surveyors to manually collect each data point along the rails, often cause disruption to traffic flow and increase risk to workers. In addition, the module automates complex calculations to generate rail track geometry analysis and deliverables, reducing the amount of errors that may occur with manual calculations.

“This unique solution provides a comprehensive perspective and a great opportunity to standardize rail monitoring data and deliverables,” said Florian von Matt, geomatics engineer at Wild Ingenieure AG. “The T4D Rail module is simple to understand and will make work much easier for stakeholders that need to interpret and prepare data for analysis.”

Key features of the T4D Rail module enable surveyors and monitoring professionals to:

  • Seamlessly integrate accurate rail as-builts collected with the Trimble GEDO system or with the track measuring bar paired with the Trimble Access™ Track Gauge Survey app;
  • Automate calculations for track geometry parameters, generate analysis charts, and trigger alarms; and
  • Expand business opportunities by reducing crew field time and simplifying calculations, which minimizes the learning curve that goes along with sophisticated rail monitoring processes.

Trimble’s purpose-built T4D Rail module presents a streamlined total station-based rail monitoring workflow. Informed by current rail authority standards, the module assists professionals to meet comprehensive deliverable criteria. The automated process reduces field time, repeat site visits, rail traffic disruptions and improves worker safety. Along with this, the software module provides real-time alarming for early awareness of critical impacts and supports informed decision-making. This module allows more professionals to adopt rail monitoring as part of their business and for the work to be completed efficiently while meeting rail project standards.

“The T4D Rail module enables our customers to make more informed decisions on track assets and safety,” said Riley Smith, marketing director, Trimble Monitoring and Tunneling. “This is done by automating and simplifying complex processes so resources can be better utilized on high impact projects and other business opportunities.”


Trimble 4D Control version 6.4 is expected to be available in December 2022. To add the rail module to the T4D software, contact the Trimble Monitoring team here or a local Trimble Distributor.

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