Bowman Awarded Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Contract

For Site Security Upgrades at Joint Forces Headquarters in Centennial, CO

October 18, 2022, Longmont, CO – Bowman Consulting Group Ltd. (“Bowman”) (Nasdaq: BWMN) announced that the State of Colorado’s Department of Military and Veterans Affairs has awarded the firm a new contract in connection with the upgrade of security lighting at the Joint Forces Headquarters (JFHQ) in Centennial, CO. Bowman will provide lighting design, electrical, civil and structural engineering under this award. This is part of a $1M upgrade to the facility.

The lighting upgrades will be designed to meet current Army and Department of Defense lighting regulations and standards which dictate the use of extremely enhanced lighting systems to supplement security operations, including lighting for the use of closed-circuit television. Bowman has extensive experience designing security lighting upgrades at military sites across the State of Colorado.

“We’re thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with the Colorado DMVA under this award,” said Peter D’Antonio, Bowman principal. “Developing advanced and cost-appropriate engineered lighting solutions for high profile locations, like the Joint Forces Headquarters, is one of Bowman’s strengths. By using photometric analysis, we develop nearly three-dimensional mapping of the location which allows us to provide enhanced lighting design solutions that meet critical visual requirements and deliver effective lighting for current and future security systems.”

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