Women and Drones Awards Return to CES in Las Vegas

Live Awards Program Includes Expanded Categories and New Name

October 4, 2022  –  Chicago, IL Women and Drones is proud to announce the launch of its sixth annual Global Awards, designed to honor those who are driving change and leading the way toward greater female participation in the uncrewed aviation industry.

The awards will take place at CES® 2023 Las Vegas, Nevada after a successful debut there last year. CES is the world’s most influential technology event gives a global audience access to major brands and startups, as well as the industry’s most influential leaders and advocates.

Exciting additions to the program begin with a new name, the Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies Awards.  The change reflects efforts to broaden the goal of celebrating individuals and companies across the entire emerging aviation technologies system. In addition to drones or Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS), emerging aviation includes advances in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles as well as Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) which is the sector of the industry focused on integrating high volumes of uncrewed aircraft safely into the airspace.

Individual Honorees will be chosen in ten different Women To Watch in Emerging Aviation Technologies categories. These categories include Leadership, Education, Geographic Information System (GIS), AI/Autonomy, Visual Arts, Entrepreneurship, Public Safety/Public Service, Engineering, Sustainable Aviation Propulsion Technology and Drone Sports.

Two new awards are debuting this year.  The Hall of Fame – Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies Award, recognizes highly experienced and accomplished businesswomen in relevant emerging aviation technologies and industry-enabling career fields. Multiple honorees are expected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. More than one honoree is also expected for the other new award category, Top Companies for Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies

Other company categories include the Innovation – Emerging Aviation Technologies Award and Spotlight on Drones for Good Award, which acknowledge companies, agencies, or organizations that embrace diversity and have a culture of inclusiveness where women are engaged in key roles on the team and/or are in leadership positions of the organization.

For more information about CES 2022, visit: https://www.ces.tech/

About the Women to Watch Global Awards

Since 2017 Women and Drones has recognized the trailblazers, innovators, mentors, and business leaders who are making significant contributions to the UAS/AAM industry. Each year the company runs a global search for the women and organizations who are inspiring innovations and solutions, positively shaping the public perceptions of UAS/AAM technology, empowering more women to enter the industry as well as advocating for more inclusive practices in STEM and aviation. The individual awards are designed to acknowledge and inspire women who are driving change and leading the drone industry closer to gender parity. In creating this recognition, we aim to raise the profile of women doing amazing work and to encourage more women to embrace UAS/AAM technology. The company awards acknowledge organizations that in their pursuit of excellence, embrace diversity and have a culture of inclusiveness where women are engaged in key roles leadership positions of the organization.