Eos Positioning Systems Announces MDM Support for iOS Users

Organizations can now push standardized configurations of Eos Tools Pro to mobile crews, simplifying GNSS-setting deployment to any number of field workers

Press Release Eos Positioning Systems Announces MDM Support For IOS Users 2Montreal, September 26, 2022 — Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc., (Eos) the global leader in the design and manufacture of GNSS receivers for mobile workers, today announced its release of Mobile Device Management (MDM) support for iOS. The new MDM capability enables organizations to push to field crews standardized setting parameters for Eos Tools Pro, a GNSS monitoring and solution-enabling app that runs in the background of third-party mobile apps during high-accuracy field data collection.

The MDM functionality was built at the request of several mid- to large-sized utilities, but can be deployed by organizations of any size.

“It’s been exciting to collaborate with our pilot customer, a large United States utility, to help build out this functionality,” Eos iOS Mobile App Developer Alfonso Marquez said. “With MDM deployment, a fleet of field workers within an organization can now be productive immediately and consistently in their data collection.”

The Eos Tools Pro MDM is compatible with any existing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) MDM solution(s) that a customer might already be using. The feature works by allowing a systems administrator to create sets of parameters for Eos Tools Pro. The standardized configuration can then be pushed en masse to all desired groups of mobile devices.

“When a field worker launches their Eos Tools Pro app, all of the GNSS parameters are already pre-configured for them,” Eos Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Jean-Yves Lauture said. “Thereafter, each time a new iOS device is added to the field, our customers can use this MDM to apply their desired configurations automatically.”

Among the settings that can be addressed include those that customers most commonly configure within Eos Tools Pro, such as:

  • Differential corrections
  • Altitude and GEOID model
  • Datum shift
  • Alarms

Eos expects to release MDM support for Android users in early 2023. For more information, please contact Eos directly.

About Eos Positioning Systems, Inc.

Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc., (Eos) designs and manufactures the world’s premier, high-accuracy GPS / GNSS receivers for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market. The Arrow Series® GNSS receivers provide submeter, subfoot and centimeter RTK GPS / GNSS locations to any iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows devices. Free Eos software utilities, such as Eos Tools Pro, were designed to provide users with the smoothest experience of integrating high-accuracy location data and metadata into their mobile workflows. Eos Positioning Systems is an Esri Gold Partner. Learn more at www.eos-gnss.com.