National Trig-Star Committee Selects Winners of the National Trig-Star and Teaching Excellence Awards

The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Richard E. Lomax National Trig-Star Awards.  The Trig-Star committee met on July 13-14, 2022 to determine the three top high school students from the national examinations submitted by state winners.  This year there were twenty nine state winners submitted.


The following is a list of the remaining participants:

Yongyu Qiang, Alabama
Seamus Mcdonough, Alaska
Srinivas Arun, Colorado
Arau Dsouza, Connecticut
Shakira Cruz Lopez, Delaware
Abigal Scarborough, Georgia
Himani Musku, Illinois
Alex Tambrini, Indiana
Davis Trumm, Iowa
Evan Rogerson, Kansas
Kayley Lin, Maine
Dominic Sierra, Maryland
Lucas Stiver, Michigan
Samuel Gersich, Minnesota
Marcus Winrod, Missouri
Alexandra Houseworth, Montana
Sarah Polish, Nevada
Adam Hoskin, New Hampshire
John Wu, New Jersey
Rohit Dasanoor, Ohio
Gavin Nichols, Pennsylvania
Isabella Aparicio-Morello,  South Carolina
Maria Woroniecki, South Dakota
Parker Suzuki, Utah
Johnny Chen, Wisconsin
Jonathan Oler, Wyoming

The National Contest participants completed a questionnaire which was submitted along with their completed test. The questions relate to the participants high school achievements and interests, college aspirations, and career goals. The following responses were received to two of the questions posed:

What have you learned from this experience with Trig-Star? Would you recommend this for other students to experience?

  • I’ve learned that trigonometry is very important for land surveying purposes. I also got proficient at using degrees, minutes, and seconds. I would recommend this for other students because it’s a fun competition and it can motivate them to enhance their math skills.
  • I have learned how applicable math is in real life scenarios. I would for sure recommend this to others.
  • From my experience with Trig-Star I’ve learned how relatively simple math can be applied to important real-world problems. I would recommend this for other students, because it might show them how their school math classes are not a waste of time.

Have you ever thought about a career in surveying or engineering?

  • Yes, both have many aspects that I find interesting. I will definitely consider them when choosing my career path.
  • Computer science is a tool that can be applied to many different fields. I see the potential for me to use it to solve land surveying or engineering related problems

For more information about the NSPS awards and scholarship programs, please contact NSPS, 5119 Pegasus Court, Frederick, MD  21704, (240) 439-4615, e-mail: Trisha Milburn at, or visit the NSPS web site at