CURSIR Completes Installation of NAVAID Drone for Instrument Landing System at Magas Airport

CURSIR Solution Was Selected By NPO RTS As A Tool For Pre Flight ChecksCURSIR solution was selected by NPO RTS as a tool for pre-flight checks at the commissioning of navigational aids.

NPO RTS has completed the installation of the ILS 734 instrument landing system at Magas Airport in the Republic of Ingushetia. One of the innovations that made it possible to significantly reduce the duration of the landing system preparation for the control flight inspection was the use of the NAVAID calibration drone developed by CURSIR.

“The NAVAID calibration drone designed by CURSIR makes it possible to conduct a preliminary inspection and setup of equipment. It significantly accelerates commissioning and minimizes the raid of a specialized flight inspection aircraft when checking the navigation aids,” – CEO V. Munirov said. “For our company, the use of this advanced technology has become a mandatory practice, ensuring superiority over competitors in the speed and accuracy of the equipment commissioning.”

NAVAID calibration drone is a tool designed by CURSIR for the inspections of navigational aids and airport infrastructure. The solution consists of a drone, a payload (an analyzer or a camera),  a ground base station, and software.

CURSIR  – a manufacturer and service provider – was founded in Russia in 2015 to carry out scientific and practical research for landing and navigation systems and systems for their diagnostics and control.

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