CGSIC Bulletin: 2021 GPS Proposed Changes to the Public Documents: Updated Materials Review

Updated Proposed Change Notices (PCNs) for IS-GPS-200, IS-GPS-705, and IS-GPS-800, related to RFC-467 (2021 Proposed Changes to the Public Documents), as well as the updated briefing charts for the 2021 GPS Public ICWG have been published to the following web address:

These updated documents reflect the changes discussed at the 2021 Public ICWG on 29 Sept 2021. Please submit comments to the Space Systems Command GPS Requirements Section (SSC/ZACS-PNT) workflow at by COB January 13, 2021.

Comments will be collected, catalogued, and discussed as potential inclusions to the version following the current release. If accepted, these changes will be processed through the formal change management process for IS-GPS-200, IS-GPS-705, and IS-GPS-800. All comments must be submitted in a Comments Resolution Matrix. This form is posted along with the review materials at the above address. Thank you for your participation and happy holidays!