Test Yourself 79: Heirs2ya

Lindell Test Yourself 79 Heirs2yaIn the wacky section shown all the original corners and quarter corners were recovered, and the quarter corners were on line and halfway between section corners. The owner bequeathed the oldest son the NW 1/4, the youngest son the SE 1/4, the oldest daughter the SW 1/4, and the youngest daughter the NE 1/4. A local surveyor pointed out that an original center of section was set and found to be North 47°23’ East 95.74’ from the intersection of the lines joining the opposite quarter corners. How much more or less land will the two sons get using the found original center of section instead of dividing by joining opposite quarter corners? (The other 13 children were left out of the will).

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Dave Lindell, PS

Dave Lindell, PS, retired after 36 1/2 years with the City of Los Angeles. He keeps surveying part time to stay busy and keep out of trouble. He can be reached at dllindell@msn.com.