Senceive Launches Latest Wireless Sensor – NanoMacro

Nano Tilt Sensor Range

The Senceive Nano range of tilt sensors enables precise movement monitoring in the most demanding applications. The NanoMacro (shown here on the right) offers new levels of durability and user interaction.

London, October 22nd  2021 – Wireless condition monitoring technology company Senceive has expanded its range of smart movement sensors with the launch of a new tilt meter – the NanoMacro.

Senceive has provided the construction, tunnelling, rail and mining sectors with precise, long-life remote monitoring solutions for more than a decade. The NanoMacro is the third member of the Nano family of sensors, featuring the familiar sleek case of the Nano range but now with the same impressive specifications of their longstanding and trusted Triaxial Tilt Sensor Node, including a 12-15 year battery life.

NanoMacro Monitoring Track Geometry

The Senceive NanoMacro enables remote condition monitoring of infrastructure such as railways, reducing the need for site visits and giving early warning of problems.

Chief Technology Officer Dionisis Korontzis explains: “the industry asked us to combine the best aspects of our current range, and design something with the same precise sensing, fast reporting and ultra-long life, but make it even tougher for the most demanding applications. I think we’ve achieved this with the NanoMacro.”

Not much larger than a tennis ball, the NanoMacro communicates across a radio mesh network and can be used as part of an intelligent monitoring system that can respond almost instantly to an event such as a landslide by sending  warnings and images to stakeholders. It has a  fully enclosed radio aerial inside its IP69 rated enclosure – the highest ingress protection rating available. It is the first Senceive device to include NFC (near field communication) compatibility, which enables users to adjust settings directly at the sensor.

The device is ideal for a wide range of monitoring applications because it can be fitted in minutes at any angle to any surface and can report changes such as deformation, convergence, heave and settlement, for many years with virtually no maintenance.

About Senceive
Since formation in the research labs of University College London in 2005, Senceive has pioneered the development of intelligent wireless-enabled condition monitoring for industrial applications within the IoT (Internet of Things) space. Senceive’s experts were among the first to recognize the immense potential of easy to use, precise, reliable and long-life wireless remote monitoring, explicitly for challenging and risk-conscious Civil Engineering, Rail and Mining applications.  Senceive employs 70 people and operates in 40 countries. Senceive wireless condition monitoring is used by the rail, infrastructure, construction and mining sectors around the world.