CGSIC Bulletin: Network Time Protocol – GPS Daemon Bug

As you may be aware, a potential vulnerability has been identified that may cause a “GPS Week Number Roll-over” type event to occur within systems utilizing Network Timing Protocol Daemon (NTPD) and GPS Daemon (GPSD) software. On October 24th 2021, A bug in older versions of the software may trigger the system date to roll back to sometime in March 2002. All systems running the most recent software update, version 3.23.1 (released September 21, 2021) should be unaffected.

While this is not a problem with GPS, this has the potential to cause significant impact. All networks operating are encouraged to verify they are utilizing the most recent version 3.23.1 (released September 21, 2021) and report any problems to the Navigation Center watch by phone 703-313-5900 or by email at