GeoCue Releases True View EVO Embedded Metashape

Huntsville, AL – GeoCue Group Inc. is pleased to announce an embedded version of Agisoft’s Metashape photogrammetric processing software.  We have built interfaces directly into our LIDAR/Photogrammetric processing software, True View EVO, for driving both an embedded version of Metashape (Metashape for EVO, MfE) as well as the full GUI version of Metashape Professional.  This design provides a seamless photogrammetric workflow for users of GeoCue True View EVO processing software.

While EVO has always supported generating “Photogrammetry Data Packages” for Metashape, Pix4D and Context Capture, users were still forced to exit the EVO environment to run these flows and then import results back into EVO.  Now with Metashape for EVO (MfE), users can set up Metashape processing using a simple dialog and schedule the processing using EVO’s new Job Manager.  The MfE job runs as a background task, allowing users to work on other projects in EVO while the MfE job runs in the background.  Upon completion of the job, results are automatically added back in to the EVO project.  EVO’s Job Manager can queue jobs, allowing users to set up a series of tasks to run in the background without the need to start the next job when the current one completes.

Metashape for EVO supports the generation of:

  • Block Bundle Adjusted (BBA) imagery for improving the positional accuracy of imagery
  • Point clouds from imagery (“structure from motion”) – typically used in DJI camera workflows
  • Orthomosaics

Having Metashape directly integrated into True View EVO offers some unique advantages in hybrid imagery/LIDAR workflows. These include:

  • The ability to use a LIDAR-derived elevation model (typically a ground model) in orthomosiac generation
  • For True View 3D Imaging Sensors (3DIS®), the ability to “inject” the sensor’s Applanix Position and Orientation System (POS) solution into Metashape where image correlation fails. This reduces “holes” in orthos over areas where Metashape fails to find image matches (typically over vegetation).

True View EVO with the MfE add-in supports:

  • All True View 3DIS® – True View 410, 515 and 635/640 sensors
  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK
  • DJI M300 RTK with P1

MfE is a must-have for any serious production shop.  It dramatically streamlines the production of ground surface orthomosaics when using a True View or DJI sensor.

MfE is available now and will be bundled with all new True View 515 and True View 635/640 sensors shipped after September 1, 2021.  MfE is available for purchase for all other sensors.  If you already own a full GUI version of Metashape Professional, True View EVO will automatically connect to and use the software.

About GeoCue
GeoCue is the largest supplier of kinematic LIDAR processing tools in North America and LP360 is one of the world’s most widely used tools for exploiting point cloud data. In 2014, GeoCue Group started a division focused on using small Unmanned Aerial Systems for high accuracy mapping. Leveraging our expertise in LIDAR/Photogrammetric production, risk reduction, and point cloud processing tools, we are continuing to bring new services and products to market to provide surveyors and other geomatics professionals exciting tools for geospatial data extraction.  Our most recent addition is our fused LIDAR/Camera drone surveying system, the True View® 3D Imaging System (3DIS®) product line.  True View 3DIS offer compete hardware/software solutions for drone mapping from topography collection to high accuracy DOT work.  To learn more, visit

About Agisoft Metashape
Founded in 2006 as an innovative research company with focus on computer vision technology, through years of intensive R&D work Agisoft LLC has gained expertise in image processing algorithms, with digital photogrammetry techniques setting the direction for development of applied tools. To learn more, visit