2022 LIDAR Leader Awards Program Announced

Ceremony to be held at GeoWeek 2022 in Denver, Colorado

September 30, 2021 – Portland, ME & Frederick, MD – Next February 6-8, International Lidar Mapping Forum, SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, and AEC Next Technology Expo & Conference, along with partner events ASPRS Annual Conference and USIBD Annual Symposium, are coming together to form the much anticipated return of Geo Week in Denver. In anticipation of this gathering, conference organizers are excited to announce the return of the Lidar Leader Awards in cooperation with LIDAR Magazine. Now in its third iteration, the program will address five distinct categories:

Outstanding Personal Achievement in LIDAR

Eligible individuals must have made significant impact to their organization, local or national community, involving technical excellence, professional development or innovation within the realm of geospatial LIDAR technology.

Outstanding Enterprise Achievement in LIDAR

Eligible organizations must demonstrate exceptional achievement as a group of 100 members or more, in the area of service, project management or product development within the realm of geospatial LIDAR technology. Open to private and government organizations.

Outstanding Team Achievement in LIDAR

Eligible teams must demonstrate unique achievement in the area of service, project management, product development or other specialty accomplishment within the realm of geospatial LIDAR technology. Open to private and government organizations, teams of 2-99 members.

Awards will also be issued for Outstanding Innovation in LIDAR and Outstanding University Achievement in LIDAR

“We’re so pleased to recognize personal and group achievement in geospatial lidar. This is something attendees look forward to, and after a two year hiatus, there’s even more excitement about it.” – said Lee Corkhill, Event Director.

Spatial Media’s LIDAR Magazine (www.lidarmag.com) will assist the program by encouraging nominations and publishing pre- and post-show analyses of finalists. Managing Editor Dr. Stewart Walker will assist a distinguished panel that will review and judge submissions.

Dr. Walker remarked: We all acknowledge that this is high summer for lidar, from the SPACs and sensor action from the automotive players, who are also addressing other verticals, to the fabulous sensors and remarkable project completion that are characteristic of the geospatial market. We want to recognize the visionaries who make all this possible, through their energy, imagination and risk-taking.”

The deadline for submissions is December 1st, 2021. For further information, including nomination instructions and details, visit: https://www.geo-week.com/2022-geo-week-awards/.