NGS Webinar Series: Github and NGS APIs

September 9, 2021 | 2-3 pm, Eastern Time


Sri Reddy, and Krishna Tadepalli, NGS

Webinar Description:

This webinar describes how NGS is using the GitHub platform, the NOAA big data platform, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

  • This webinar provides an overview of the GitHub platform, how to access the software hosted on GitHub, and how to contribute to the software through enhancements. NGS uses the GitHub platform to make NGS software available to the public and help promote collaboration.
  • APIs allow users to consume NGS data and tools in their environment and integrate these into their tools and products. NGS has produced APIs for several of its products and services, and plans to deprecate software downloads, while offering the same functionality through the GitHub platform or through APIs.
  • This webinar also provides an overview of the NOAA big data platform, what’s available there, and how to access it.

Technical Content Rating: Beginner No prior knowledge of the topic is necessary.

Read ahead materials: online resources to familiarize you with this webinar’s topics.

As a reminder, the NGS Webinar Series hosts presentations on various topics related to NGS programs, projects, products and services to educate constituents about NGS activities.

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