Fugro Wins Multi-Year Contract to Build New Pavement Management System for Manitoba

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Rural road in Manitoba, one of Canada’s ‘Prairie Provinces’

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, 3 August 2021 – The Province of Manitoba in Canada has awarded Fugro a 4-year contract to develop a new pavement management system that will guide strategic selection of road maintenance projects for optimised use of transportation budgets. Joining Fugro on the contract is AgileAssets, a software company specialising in infrastructure asset management. The Fugro-AgileAssets partnership will provide Manitoba with comprehensive expertise in pavement engineering, consulting and management systems implementation.

The new contract follows years of successful collaboration between Fugro and the province, starting with Manitoba’s 2016 purchase of a Fugro 3D Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN) survey vehicle and iVision software for automated pavement data acquisition and analysis. Fugro has supported the vehicle, equipment and software since that time, including development of customised iVision tools for rating pavement distress.

Features of the new pavement management system, powered by AgileAssets’ Pavement Analyst™, include pavement decision trees, calculation of pavement condition indices, segment- and network‑level performance models, and multi-year network‑level analyses examining pavement condition data within the context of site and budget constraints. These capabilities will help managers predict future road conditions and proactively time maintenance work. As a result, Manitoba will be able to better prioritise their capital improvements, extend pavement life cycles and contribute to a low-carbon economy with smooth-driving roads that maximise the fuel efficiency of vehicles.

“It’s a pleasure to continue our work with Manitoba on this new and robust pavement management system,” said Denis Charland, Fugro’s Roads Service Line Director in the Americas. “We also look forward to collaborating with AgileAssets on the project, together delivering Manitoba a solution that will serve their long-term needs for a safe and sustainable roads system.”

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