New Ground Surveying App from Klau Geomatics

KlauThe Klau Geomatics KlauPPK hardware and software solution has been the choice of UAV  survey professionals for many years. Now, with the KlauPPK Phone App, surveyors can leverage the KlauPPK hardware and software solution from their drone to do regular ground surveying. The phone app enables you to collect points with a name, description and code, just like a typical survey controller.

The app sends the information to the operator’s computer for processing with the raw GNSS data logged in the KlauPPK unit on the pole. After post processing, the accurate survey data can be brought into CAD software to create points and line strings. The app even takes a photo of the point being captured, in case there are any uncertainties in the capture when you’re back in the office.

Simply un-clip the KlauPPK unit from the drone and clip it to the pole bracket. Metadata is collected in the project, just like an expensive survey system. Point name, Description, Feature Code and Antenna Height are all logged for each point. Not only can you place a few GCPs or check points with this simple effective system, you can also do some real survey work, pick up as-built data like roads and utilities, and perform basic surveying. All without spending thousands more on specialised RTK survey equipment.

The system is compatible with the hybrid PPP/PPK MakeItAccurate post processing to give high absolute accuracy anywhere without a base station.

The Android app and a simple mounting bracket is available from Klau Geomatics. Email for more information.

About KlauPPK
Klau Geomatics PPK hardware and post-processing software has been in development for over 6 years and is regarded as the most professional, accurate and reliable solution in the industry. The modular hardware is drone and camera agnostic and can be moved between platforms, enabling the greatest cost effectiveness for fleets of various aircraft. Compatible with manned aircraft, drones from DJI, Intel and other custom drones, and handheld and terrestrial camera systems. KlauPPK Software is the most sophisticated PPK processing software on the market. See full details of the KlauPPK Positioning system at

About Klau Geomatics
Klau Geomatics is an Australian geospatial innovation company. With its roots in geodetic, mapping and exploration surveying and R&D, Klau Geomatics has a long history at the forefront of technology in the geospatial sector. See for product information.