Cushing Terrell Launches Multidisciplinary Infrastructure Group

The team focuses on land development, water resources, transportation, and energy services

CushingTerrell Project Infrastructure IdahoArmyNationalGuard RailHeadRailYard 01

An industrial rail head and rail yard designed by Cushing Terrell for the Army National Guard in Idaho.

Cushing Terrell is pleased to announce the creation of Cushing Terrell Infrastructure, the firm’s newest vertical market. This multi-disciplinary group is dedicated to projects associated with the development of national and local infrastructure.

“The formation of this specialty group within Cushing Terrell builds upon our belief that design integration opens the doors for deepened relationships with our clients and enhanced creativity across our teams,” President Greg Matthews says. “Quality infrastructure is a foundation for thriving communities and economies and helping to meet this need specifically is a natural progression and growth area for our team.”

CushingTerrell Project LamarBuffaloRanch ZeroEmissionsPowerSystem 01

Lamar Buffalo Ranch is a remote site in Yellowstone National Park that is 100% off-grid. Cushing Terrell designed a micro-hydroelectric turbine, configured the electrical integration, and designed the architectural buildings that house this first-of-its-kind, off-grid power system.

This group of engineers, land surveyors, and planners provides advanced solutions for both private- and public-sector clients throughout the United States.

“At our core, we provide design solutions for the delivery of unique, thoughtful, and responsible projects,” explains Zack Graham, who leads the Infrastructure group. “It all stems from our mission to invent a better way of living by providing effective solutions to the challenges our clients are faced with today. This team will address this concept with a focus on four primary areas of expertise: land development, water resources, transportation, and energy services.”

  • Land development: thoughtful design for private developers and public planners to better our communities
  • Water Resources: water and wastewater treatment
  • Transportation: industrial rail design and bridge design
  • Energy Services: providing micro-grid and utility scale PV design

The Flathead County South Campus sky bridge designed by Cushing Terrell facilitates not only indoor pedestrian access between two buildings but also blends two eras of building architecture with visual continuity of independent materials. The enclosed pedestrian bridge comprised of two HSS steel Pratt trusses supported independently on concrete piers spans 95 ft.

While advancing efforts in all areas of expertise, the Infrastructure group is currently most heavily engaged in the development of microgrid systems supporting renewable energy generation in Southern California and parts of Nevada.

About Cushing Terrell
Cushing Terrell was founded in 1938 by two architects, Ralph Cushing and Everett Terrell, who acted on the belief that integrating architecture, engineering, and design opened the doors for deepened relationships and enhanced creativity—the foundations of our design practice and what still defines us today. Our mission is to invent a better way of living. Driven by empathy, our team works together to design spaces and systems that help people live their best lives, achieve their visions, and enjoy healthy, sustainable built environments. Cushing Terrell maintains offices in Seattle, Washington; Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Minneapolis, Minnesota; New Orleans, Louisiana; Boise, Idaho; and, Billings, Montana, among other locations. With more than 375 team members working in 30-plus disciplines, the firm is well-positioned to meet the demands of a broad spectrum of projects in a rapidly changing world. The firm’s work encompasses a wide range of market sectors, including commercial, education, government, healthcare, infrastructure, residential, and retail, as well as specialty services such as advanced refrigeration engineering. Offering the value of a small, local firm backed by large-firm resources, Cushing Terrell was engaged in the design of projects totaling more than $800 million in total construction in 2018. For more information about Cushing Terrell and our commitment to forever improve, visit us at