2021 NGS Geospatial Summit: May 4-5

Geospatial Logo 2021The 2021 Geospatial Summit will be completely virtual on May 4-5, 2021. Registration is not yet open, but all NGS News email subscribers will be notified when registration opens. This year’s event will provide updated information about the planned modernization of the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS). Briefly:

  • NGS plans to replace the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83) and the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88) in the coming years.
  • NSRS Modernization will impact federal mapping agencies, engineers, surveyors, and many other geospatial applications and user groups.
  • This event will continue discussions from previous Geospatial Summits held in 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Additional information about the 2021 Geospatial Summit will be posted online. Email questions or comments to NGS.Infocenter@noaa.gov.