Trimble Forensics Software Offers Seamless Workflow Across Scene, Desk and Courtroom

The Truth Is In The Data

When it comes to forensics data and analysis, there can be no room left for doubt, so Trimble Forensics has streamlined its workflows so users can easily transition from scene to desk, and finally, to the courtroom.

Trimble Forensics features one powerful system that utilizes three software tools: Capture, Reveal and Showcase.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how these three software tools work together:

Trimble Forensics Capture Software
Trimble Forensics Software 2020 Crash 3With Capture, law enforcement and other users collect data points with 3D laser scanners, GNSS receivers and mechanical or robotic total stations to ensure they have every piece of critical information before they leave the scene.

In the field, Capture provides wizard-guided workflows and 2D and 3D diagrams instantly so users know exactly what they are capturing and can seamlessly deliver that collected data to Trimble Forensics Reveal.

Key features:

  • Quickly create fully registered and georeferenced point clouds in the field with the Trimble® X7.
  • Full command, control and functionality of the Trimble SX10.
  • Seamlessly import data into Reveal for fast data processing.
  • View all data in either 2D or 3D.
  • Import data collected from another file generated in Capture to deploy multiple officers on large scenes or return to a previous scene with a different data collector.
  • Attach notes and photos to collected data points.
  • Fully customizable built-in point code libraries for effective data organization.
  • Customizable quick code options for rapid data collection.
  • Support for RTX and base-rover connectivity.

Trimble Forensics Reveal Software
Trimble 2020 Reveal 1With Reveal, users recreate, analyze and visualize crash or crime scene data with a single powerful tool. Whether capturing small data sets using tape measures or total stations, or managing full 3D scan point clouds or flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Reveal delivers the precise results needed to create accurate records and present evidence in court with confidence.

With its industry-leading precision, Reveal enables users to apply in-depth analytics capabilities to any data set, no matter how small, large or complex. In addition, the ability to efficiently create flawless records help users advance their case.

Key features:

  • Easily import and analyze data from the Trimble® Forensics Capture field software.
  • View, edit, and prepare deliverables in 2D or 3D.
  • Easily supplement 2D/3D deliverables with scan data or orthophotos from UAV.
  • Create animations in both 2D and 3D with timeline to synchronize events.
  • Solve complex mathematical equations with the Crash Math tool.
  • Access the latest vehicle specifications from 4N6XPRT, or Canadian Vehicle database.
  • Enhanced evidence and attachment marker system with support for photos, videos, reports, etc.
  • User guided workflows such as drag factor / acceleration analysis, momentum analysis and bullet trajectory analysis.
  • Access thousands of models from the Trimble SketchUp® 3D Warehouse.
  • Export completed scenes securely as password protected, read-only files to preserve chain of custody.
  • Create custom 360-degrees viewpoints and export scenes for Trimble Forensics ShowCase courtroom presentation software.

Trimble Forensics Showcase Software
Trimble 2020 Showcase 1With Showcase, users benefit from software designed by law enforcement experts who know what it takes to excel in the courtroom.

Users can transfer material directly from the Reveal platform to prep presentations quickly and easily. Using custom, photo-realistic 360-degree renderings, users can vividly represent a chain of events. They also can eliminate technology hassles with lightweight, easy-to-manage graphics specifically designed for stress-free courtroom display.

Key features:

  • Simple, easy-to-use and lightweight application designed by law enforcement professionals to present testimony in chronological order.
  • Create custom 360-degrees viewpoints of a Reveal scene for courtroom presentation.
  • Customize testimony by adding highlights around key evidence or areas of interest.
  • Easily import evidence and attachments from Reveal software.
  • Supplement scenes with added capability to attach evidence images, videos, reports, etc.
  • Easily share scenes with peers and attorneys securely for courtroom preparation.


About the Author
Trimble Forensics is the new name for a complete, end-to-end hardware and software solution designed specifically to help law enforcement and private sector agencies handle the toughest information-collection challenges.