U.S. GEO to Host Fall Forum, November 17-18

October 27, 2020 – The U.S. Geospatial Executives Organization (U.S. GEO), an informal coalition of principals, owners, partners, and C-level executives of leading geospatial firms, today announced it will host its Fall Forum on November 17 and 18.

Due to the COVID protocols, this will be held virtually. This 2-day web session will feature high level briefings on legislation, policy, and business opportunities.

Presentations will include:

  • the FCC on broadband mapping;
  • the Department of Defense on hiring experienced surveyors and technicians in various geospatial disciplines from military personnel who are completing their service and transitioning to civilian life;
  • bipartisan members of Congress on forestry and sinkhole legislation creating a demand for geospatial data and services;
  • as well as NGA, USGS, NOAA, the White House and others; and
  • being held just after the election, an analysis on what to expect from the leadership in Congress and a leading Washington political journalist.

Most important, the event will feature networking among principals, owners, and partners … C-level executives … of the nation’s leading geospatial firms.

No other organization has the reach or influence of U.S. GEO.  The participants in U.S. GEO gain access to actionable market intelligence long before competitors even know there is a possible business opportunity.

Knowing that firms have budget cycles, U.S. GEO is extending a special offer.  Individuals who wish to enroll in U.S. GEO, but cannot make payment until after January 1, 2021, can participate in the November 17-18 Forum by providing a written pledge to be part of U.S. GEO for 2021 now, and access to the November event will be provided at no additional charge.  Enrollment will be for a full year from the date of the payment made after January 1.

U.S. GEO is built on what we know works … high level executives, effective engagement in Washington with agencies and Congress, and market intelligence to plan a firm’s future growth and focus.

For information about enrollment and participation in U.S. GEO, contact John Palatiello, President and Founder, at john@jmpa.us or (703) 787-6665.