Should Your Business Invest in Drone Photogrammetry?

Rome, NY- Drone Surveying technology is become more widespread in surveying, engineering, and construction industries.  Volumetric measurement, topographic mapping, progress tracking and pre-construction survey are just a few of the applications where drone photogrammetry can provide much more efficient results. Therefore, many businesses in these industries are no longer asking if they should invest in drone technology, but when.

To help answer this question, Microdrones is hosting a Wednesday Webinar: “Should I Invest in Drone Photogrammetry,” Wednesday, October 28th, 9:00AM EST or 6:00PM EST.  This webinar we’ll explore how photogrammetric drone solutions, like the mdMapper1000DG aaS, help cut costs, save time, and push limits – all without Ground Control Points.

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The presentation will feature unique applications, use-cases, and show just how easy and affordable it can be to add drone photogrammetry to your workflow.

Matt Rosenbalm, Microdrones southern US sales manager, will assist in hosting the presentation. “We’re going to talk about the advantages of drone photogrammetry and the savings compared to traditional surveying,” said Rosenbalm. “Lately, we’ve been shining the spotlight on our drone LiDAR systems, so we wanted to remind folks about the benefits of photogrammetry and show how are customers are using our systems. Plus, with Microdrones, it’s easy to do both LiDAR and photogrammetry.”

Register for the webinar, “Should I Invest in Drone Photogrammetry,” to learn how your business will benefit by adding drone surveying equipment.

About Microdrones
Microdrones grew out of the collaboration between the German inventor of the world’s first commercial quadcopter and a determined surveying payload and software developer in North America. The result is a global aerial mapping technology company that delivers complete and reliable mapping systems specifically developed for the surveying, mining, construction, oil & gas and precision agriculture industries. Microdrones Integrated Systems are industrial tools addressing specific complex mapping challenges for professional customers, relying on a fully integrated geospatial workflow that enables cutting-edge software technology from Microdrones to transform raw data collected in the field by Microdrones survey equipment into valuable high-quality survey grade data. Microdrones is widely recognized for its LiDAR technology leadership. Microdrones has engineering centers and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Canada, France, China and the United States, as well as a sales, support and distribution network spanning six continents. To learn more about Microdrones, visit