A Successful Premiere for INTERGEO.digital

HinteKarlsruhe, Germany, 15 October 2020. Direct exchange, lively discussions, lots of information and great entertainment. High acceptance of the digital offer in pandemic times by the geo-community. Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Kutterer from the organizer DVW is very pleased with the response: “The challenge of a fully digital event received very positive feedback from all our guests, exhibitors and speakers. With INTERGEO.digital we have realized a comprehensive and innovative event concept within a very short period of time”.

Christoph Hinte, event organizer of INTERGEO.digital, adds: “We have succeeded in establishing a stable digital platform that has generated a vast volume of interaction. Together with all partners we have ensured that the geo-community with its great thematic relevance can also meet in pandemic times”.

The figures speak for themselves: INTERGEO.digital has recorded with over 330,000 interactions at the digital touchpoints. In detail, this means that around 12,000 participants created a digital profile on the platform. The peak dwell time was up to 5.5 hours per participant. The accessibility through the international participants was significantly increased. Visitors from 153 countries were present. The top ten countries of origin were Germany, USA, Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, Russia, China Italy, France, and Japan.

The live hosting of the INTERGEO EXPO LOUNGE achieved a playback time of around 300,000 minutes. Guests included international experts and exhibitors from around the world.

228 exhibitors presented over 2,900 products at INTERGEO.digital. Numerous premieres of products and solutions were presented to an increasingly international community on their digital stands. Online participants, exhibitors and speakers showed great acceptance of the digital format – which is new for everyone.

“Adapt and learn – that is the statement we can make for both ourselves and our visitors. This new format is a challenge for all of us – and we took it! We would now call our visitors ‘digital consumers’ as the acceptance and usage of digital content was higher than expected vs. the direct contact via digital tools. We are looking forward to a detailed follow-up and the possible outcome, being quite optimistic”, says Michael Degen, Partner Business Consultant DACH at Autodesk.

Thomas Harring, President Hexagon Geosystems: “It is great to see how the whole team has evolved in this new world. The feedback from my team and the customers is very positive. They told me that they have had a very good conversations and our presentations were frequently visited.”

Ronald Bisio, responsible for Global Surveying and Geospatial Business at Trimble, emphasized that his team received even more international customers than in previous years: “My team told me, that we had contacts even from New Mexico. They would likely not had the chance to visit us otherwise. And they were very happy to participate. “

Dr. Ilka May, CEO of LocLab Consulting, was a guest in the INTEGEO EXPO Lounge and spoke for the BIM and Digital Twins sessions at the international press conference. Her conclusion was brief and clear: “I am really impressed by the digital INTERGEO”.

405 speakers presented in a total of 345 sessions within the CONFERENCE and the STAGES ‘GEOINNOVATIONS’, ‘SMART CITY SOLUTIONS’ and ‘INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS’.

Hansjörg Kutterer on the CONFERENCE: “We can look back on a promising digital premiere of INTERGEO. Pleasing visitor numbers and a significantly stronger international participation in INTERGEO.digital are impressive proof of this. We are delighted with the well-functioning interplay between speakers, listeners, administration, and technology. Our goals in terms of content were more than achieved.”

The INTERGEO STAGES and CONFERENCE sessions counted an average of 370 visits per event. Discussion panels, talks and presentations were in high demand throughout. Cities and networks presented their products live. Participants engaged in lively discussions and chatted extensively on topics related to geo-innovations, drones and smart cities.

“The whole team is in a continuous and close exchange with exhibitors and partners,” says Christoph Hinte. Furthermore, Hansjörg Kutterer confirms “that following the strong request, INTERGEO 2021 will be held in Hannover from 21.09 to 23.09 2021”. It is important to learn from the INTERGEO.digital, which has just ended, and to discuss which digital elements can be added.

DVW e.V. – German Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management e.V. is the host of INTERGEO. HINTE Expo & Conference is responsible for the management of the EXPO.

Further information is available at: https://w w w. intergeo. de/en/.