GNSS Advancements for AE: Virtual Conference Experience (VCX) Event September 9-10, 2020

August 18, 2020 – The Asset Mapping Exchange Events is a series of free online virtual geospatial events supported by the ConnectMii VCX platform. As the world has shifted in the past several months, the switch to a virtual event format is making it easier to attract more experts to take the time from their busy schedules to present educational and compelling content as it takes much less time and resource commitment than a physical event. Attendees who are working from home or from an office have the ability to pick and choose which sessions to attend or can watch archived videos of recorded sessions at their convenience.

The upcoming GNSS Advancements for AEC Virtual Conference Experience is bringing together Geospatial sponsors and expert speakers to hold a two-day virtual conference focused on the new era of GNSS. While the growing demand for GNSS data becoming one of the largest sectors of the geospatial field, the technology is proving to be integral to the data infrastructure of the present and future. Not only will presenters from government and industry will provide valuable information but also actionable solutions that can be integrated into your workspace.

This is a must attend event for Construction Project Managers and Contractors, Survey Managers, Geospatial Professionals, Asset Managers, Surveyors and Mappers and AEC Professionals. The virtual format allows for the entire team to join in on the event to gain valuable insight. Take the opportunity to meet one-on-one via video with sponsors post event if you want additional information post event.

Registration is free for all attendees. Learn more and register at