2G Robotics Launches RECON Payloads for Modular AUVs

RECON LogoWaterloo, Canada | May 6, 2020 – 2G Robotics has officially launched a line of payloads for use on light, modular Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). 2G’s RECON line of products include the RECON CS, a 4K stills camera and LED lightbar payload, and the RECON LS, a payload featuring the ULS-500 Micro laser scanner and Micro OBSERVER stills camera.


RECON CS camera

Over the last year 2G has miniaturized their laser scanner and stills camera solutions to integrate with small, modular AUVs. The payloads enable OEMs to offer 2G’s RECON line as a standard payload on their vehicles, giving users flexibility and performance previously not available from their fleet.

RECON CS Lightbar

RECON CS lightbar

Testing throughout the winter and spring has proven that subsea laser modelling can be achieved with cost efficient navigational sensors aboard these small AUVs, with measurement error of less than 3cm. Along with their hardware, 2G Robotics’ proprietary algorithms enhance and light level stills images in real time, delivering high resolution processed results upon retrieval of the vehicle.

“We have proven this as a viable inspection solution for man-portable AUVs for commercial and naval mine countermeasure (MCM) applications. This removes the final barrier to adoption of these small vehicles and could revolutionize the cost effectiveness of high accuracy inspection operations” states Chris Gilson, Product Development Manager for 2G Robotics.

2G has delivered its first RECON CS system for an undisclosed customer in the United States and is now available for purchase. The RECON CS is available as an option for REMUS. OEMs and users are welcome to inquire about integrating RECON with their vehicles by contacting sales@2GRobotics.com.

2G Robotics LogoAbout 2G Robotics
2G Robotics’ vision is to provide innovative and detailed inspection solutions for underwater infrastructure and target imaging. Founded in 2007 on a strong engineering foundation the company was the first to widely provide underwater laser scanners for offshore and subsea inspection. 2G Robotics technology has been used on all 7 continents from the Arctic to the Antarctic. With ongoing investment in R&D 2G Robotics is expanding the Group’s range of products and services across the marine sector. In 2020 2G Robotics joined the Sonardyne Group of Companies.