PRIA Publishes Best Practices: Decreasing Document Rejections

Raleigh, N.C. – PRIA (Property Records Industry Association) has approved and published a paper on Best Practices:  Decreasing Document Rejections.  The best practices identified in this paper provide a basis for developing training and education efforts for both recorders and submitters.  Rejection reasons were identified in seven general categories from which ideas for best practices evolved.

This paper includes the following main sections:

  1. An overview of document rejection issues from the perspectives of recorders and document preparers or submitters;
  2. A detailed description of best practices for recorders, document preparers and document submitters; and
  3. A set of definitions for all forms and causes of document rejections.

Larry Burtness, customer operations manager, Figure Technologies, president of PRIA, explains, “This project solicited input from all participants in the document preparation, submission and recording processes.  The paper is an example of PRIA’s long history of advocating for collaboration and process improvement for the benefit of all participants in the real property industry.”

Phil Dunshee, Iowa County Recorders Association, government co-chair for this project states, “Reducing document rejections can best be achieved through a collaboration among recorders and document submitters. This paper identifies best practices for both groups with respect to document preparation and review, and better communication that can result in a significant improvement in recording processes.”

According to the project’s business co-chair, Brian Ernissee, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., “This PRIA best practices paper on document rejections should help to unify a practice that has wide variances across all recording jurisdictions in the US. Through thoughtful planning, preparation and collaboration the work group has produced a set of practices that, if followed, could help revolutionize the way document rejections are processed between all stakeholders while helping to increase efficiency in our industry.”

About PRIA
PRIA develops and promotes national standards and best practices for the property recording industry by identifying appropriate opportunities for collaboration among industry stakeholders; developing recommendations for standards and best practices; encouraging and supporting the adoption of such standards and practices; providing a  clearinghouse for property-records-related information; and  educating members, stakeholders and the public about the property records industry. For more information on PRIA, visit