Tallysman GNSS Introduces the VeroStar Antenna

Tallysman3Ottawa, Canada, September 16, 2019 – Upon its tenth anniversary, Tallysman GNSS is proud to introduce its latest innovative GNSS antenna, the patent pending VeroStar™. Designed to receive all GNSS signals as well as L-band (correction services), the VeroStar™ supports survey, marine, aviation, agriculture, machine control, and other demanding applications.

Tallysman4The VeroStar™ features:

  • A unique patent-pending full GNSS bandwidth crossed-dipole antenna element with:
    • Excellent radiating pattern with low roll off for exceptional low elevation GNSS and L-Band tracking
    • High radiating efficiency for optimised signal-to-noise ratio
    • Super stable phase centre variation (+/- 2mm)
    • Excellent axial ratio for improved multi-path rejection
  • A variety of models are available, including dual, triple and full GNSS frequency coverage with or without L-band support (See: VeroStar Product Family Table)
  • Ideal design and performance for Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP, receiving low elevation L-Band Corrections) applications
  • An innovative low noise amplifier with superior out-of-band filtering
  • Waterproof with IP69K compliance
  • A robust and compact design

For more information about the new family of GNSS antennas, please contact sales@tallysman.com.

About Tallysman
With global headquarters and manufacturing in Ottawa, Canada, Tallysman® is a leading manufacturer of high-precision antennas and components for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) applications. Tallysman’s mission is to support the needs of a new generation of positioning systems by delivering unprecedented antenna precision at competitive prices. (www.tallysman.com)