VIST Group Partners With indurad, Offers Integrated Smart Mining Solutions

VIST Group, a subsidiary of Finnish-Russian ZYFRA Group), which develops and implements information technologies for digital mining, metal and other enterprises, has signed a partnership agreement with German company indurad GmbH, the developer and integrator of the solutions based on unique radar technology for operator assistance solutions in the mining industry worldwide.

“Agreement with indurad opens new opportunities for VIST Group in the field of creating effective and safe mining environment,” said Business Development Director of VIST Group Dmitri Klebanov. “We are looking at the opportunities to include indurad solutions, particularly collision avoidance system and online volumetric scanning in the systems offered by VIST Group, which will ensure complex approach to creation of “Intelligent mine”.

Intelligent Mine is a complex of digital technologies for the production processes management of open-pit mining operations on the basis of robotic loading and transporting systems, as well as industry solutions in the field of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Intelligent Mine complex allows increasing of the utilization of haul trucks and excavators up to 20-25% and drilling rigs up to 35%, as well as reduce costs for maintenance by 10-15% a year.

“We see VIST as the one of the fastest-growing company, which offers smart mining solutions. Our technology will add more value to VIST products,” said Reik Winkel, Executive Director of indurad.

indurad GmbH solutions are based on the in-house manufactured radar sensors that effectively work in mining and adjacent industries. They allow mining companies to increase productivity and availability at a fraction of the cost of building larger facilities. The company offers over 20 different solutions, such as iTruck, collision avoidance system for surface mining. It uses multiple technology layers such as GNSS, RTLS and radar sensor data to provide active operator assistance in harsh conditions.

About VIST
VIST is an industry leader in the development and implementation of information technologies for digital mining, metal and other enterprises, with eight offices over the world. In strategic partnership with ZYFRA Group, the company is also developing AI and IoT based solutions for heavy industries. It currently has operations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Morocco, Peru. VIST Group is developing the robotized mining technology for open pits – a unique technology in Russia to turn all equipment (excavators, dump trucks, loaders, drilling rigs and railway vehicles) into autonomous or teleoperated exploitation mode. A complex of digital technologies for controlling the production processes of open-pit mining operations includes remote control operators’ workstations and the required number of infrastructure components.

About indurad GmbH
indurad GmbH grew out of a research project at  Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies AMT of (formerly IMR, BGMR and IBH) RWTH Aachen. The R&D project addressed the developing 3D radar technology for operator assistance solutions in the mining industry, as both operator assistance in mining were missing as well as suited sensor technologies as replacement for laser and ultrasonic. The following years saw new sensors, business awards, the establishment of international subsidiaries and partnerships, and – last but not least – a steady and healthy growth in staff and office space at home in Aachen, Germany. Globally indurad has a team of more than 100 employees, now and in 2018, indurad celebrated 10 years of successful and innovative work in automation and mining safety.