Get Kids into Survey Comes to TUC 2019


Elly Ball with New York Smart Cities Poster

May 2019. Orlando. Florida. USA.  It’s official, ‘Get Kids into Survey’ attend their first official conference this week in Orlando, Florida.

“TopoDOT has been our life long sponsor and we thought it fitting to have our ‘coming out’ party with them” Elly Ball, CEO.

GKiS will have a booth and be showcasing some of their latest releases with TopoDOT User Conference (TUC) attendees, officially releasing the New York Smart Cities Poster – the first of the regional posters to be produced.

Thanks to their US Distributor Tim Burch at National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) and local surveyor Mark Van Hala of Dave Schmitt Engineering Inc, TUC will have in attendance, 40 STEM students from the Orange County School District. This will also be the first ‘Get Kids into Survey’ official STEM organized event.


GeoBus. Photo courtesy Timothy Hawthorne, Citizen Science GIS.

“I will be running a fun workshop for the kids, with our awesome Brand Ambassador Ryan Swingley of ESP Associates. We will also have Founding Research Director, Timothy Hawthorne of Citizen Science GIS joining us and telling us the latest about the Geo Bus. An on board science lab with a focus for geospatial technology careers.” Comments Elly Ball.

‘Get Kids into Survey’ will also be showcasing 2019/2020 plans with the TUC attendees including a sneak peak of their surveying inspired Comic Book which will not only be exciting and fun to read but also be indirectly teaching kids about surveying.

You can find further information about Get Kids into Survey at

About TopoDOT & TUC
TopoDOT®, the leading CAD application for extracting high-quality models from LiDAR system data, has announced an exciting new program to ‘train the trainer’. Individuals from within user organizations can come to TopoDOT’s home office in Orlando, Florida, and get in-depth training on how to maximize productivity and profitability in the way they use the software.

  • TopoDOT has around 4,500 users across the world, within 400 client companies
  • TopoDOT offers the transportation industry’s most productive software for extracting topography, 3D models, GIS assets and more from point-cloud data. TopoDOT’s comprehensive tool suite enables users to set up highly productive processes for managing data, assessing quality, and extracting CAD and GIS products.
  • TopoDOT is the point-cloud CAD application of choice for 30 of the 50 US Departments of Transportation.
  • The TopoDOT Users Conference TUC is a global gathering of the TopoDOT® users community that will feature an extensive learning program for every level of TopoDOT® experience. The users conference will be held at the beautiful UCF Rosen College campus in Orlando, Florida
  • Technical Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of point cloud data and greatly improve upon their TopoDOT® skills for extracting topographies, models and spatial information.
  • The Management Track will provide a broader overview of the technology and application areas with a focus on business development and program management. Field leaders will share their experience and ideas in this program.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, network and have fun. See or relive the action in the short video below from a previous TUC event:

About Get Kids into Survey

  • Founded in November 2017 by Elaine and Elly Ball
  • Mission: “To educate and excite the next generation of surveyors while bettering the geospatial industry globally”
  • Producing fun and educational material and media for kids aged 8 – 12
  • Partnering with industry professionals like the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) to distribute material in the United States. Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors to distribute in the UK and CDM Branding to distribute in Australia.
  • Partnering with educational organisations like ‘Class of Your Own’ who have created innovative “Design, Engineer, Construct (DEC) suite of accredited learning programmes, qualifications and STEAM challenges focused on the digital Built Environment. Available to students age 11-18 and coupled with a full teacher training programme, DEC is supported by world leading companies, professional bodies and universities.