GeoCue Releases New and Improved Way to Access Public LIDAR and Image Data

Huntsville, AL – GeoCue Group announced today the release of Get3Di, a geospatial data portal specifically designed to make finding, accessing, and downloading our nation’s vast collection of public LIDAR and Image data sources (3Di) as easy as any online shopping experience.

Get3Di differs from other online geospatial data portals by offering public data that can be used for any purpose, royalty free. Subscription prices are set to recover data download costs.

Hank DiPietro, GeoCue’s VP of Business Development, says, “Our mission with Get3Di is to make public 3D data easy to find and download. Currently, to get quality public data you must look through multiple sites or try to download the data from a crowded server. We designed Get3Di to solve that problem. Our goal is to make Get3Di the ‘one-stop-shop’ of the best public 3D imagery data in the United States.”

Get3Di can be accessed at

The initial release of Get3Di focuses on the state of Florida, other state datasets are coming online daily. If you are a public data provider and want more information on how your state can participate in Get3Di, please contact