PRIA Publishes Electronic Records Preservation White Paper

Raleigh, N.C. –The Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) has approved and published a paper on Electronic Records Preservation.  This paper is the second deliverable of an extensive project, which began with the publication of The History and Evolution of Land Records Preservation in December 2017.

The increasing use of electronic records since the late 1990s has provided unlimited access and unparalleled retrieval speeds along with new risks and liabilities.  Those same electronic records may be the most challenging format of record that recording jurisdictions have been tasked with preserving permanently, i.e., forever.  Preserving electronic records is complex and requires a greater commitment and effort than previous formats and media.  This paper addresses the complexity of the issues surrounding preservation of electronic records.

Larry Burtness, customer operations manager, Figure Technologies, and president of PRIA,  “This second and most extensive component of the multi-faceted work project is the result of a concerted effort by a team of dedicated volunteers meeting bi-weekly to draft and edit the paper.”

Brent Holladay, chief deputy clerk, Seminole County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller, and government sector co-chair of the project states, “Understanding the importance of preservation of electronic records cannot be overstated.  The preservation effort involves not just the recorder but also the IT staff to ensure that all components of preservation have been satisfied.”

Jim Harper, Kofile, the business sector co-chair for the project, concurs stating, “Preserving electronic records is a complex undertaking.  It requires vigilance and a greater commitment and effort than was practiced with previous preservation formats and media.  There are multiple layers of insurance required to ensure the preservation of electronic records for perpetuity.”

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