Henry “Hank” DiPietro Joins GeoCue

Huntsville, AL – GeoCue Group Inc. is extremely pleased to announce that Mr. Henry “Hank” DiPietro has joined the company as Vice President of Business Development.  Hank, a Civil Engineer by training, brings deep experience in engineering, GIS, transportation and public safety to the company.

“Hank and I go way back to the mid-1990’s” said Lewis Graham, President and CTO of GeoCue.  “We worked together at Intergraph, bringing innovative civil engineering, photogrammetry and GIS products to market.  We then formed Z/I Imaging, a joint venture company between Intergraph and Carl Zeiss of Germany.  While at Z/I Imaging, we developed and brought to market the world’s first large format framing digital mapping camera.  With our end-to-end sensor workflows for drone mapping, our dominance in aerial/mobile LIDAR scanning software and our new forays into cloud managed geospatial data systems, Hank’s expertise and market presence will be invaluable.”

“I am extremely excited to join GeoCue Group.  After looking closely at the innovative products, solutions and people the company has to offer, it was an easy decision for me to join the team.  GeoCue technology has a place in all the industries I have worked in over my 30 years; Mapping, Engineering, Construction, Transportation, Utilities and Public Safety.  I look forward to applying my experience in End User needs in those industries to our Business Development efforts.”

“Hank has always been viewed by customers as a trusted advisor,” said Jim Meadlock, Chairman of GeoCue Group.  “GeoCue is a company that puts the interests of the customer ahead of all other concerns.  This makes Hank the perfect executive for our new enterprise technical direction.”

Hank can be reached at hdipietro@geocue.com or 01-256-461-8289.

About GeoCue Group
GeoCue Group was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers with extensive experience in developing hardware and software solutions for primary remote-sensed data acquisition. Our initial products were aimed at reducing schedule and cost risk in geospatial production workflows by providing organizational, productivity and data management tools for base geospatial data production. These tools have been realized as the GeoCue product family. Today GeoCue workflow management tools are used by a majority of North American geospatial production shops.  In 2005, GeoCue began selling and supporting Terrasolid tools for kinematic LIDAR data production. This was followed in 2009 by our acquisition of QCoherent Software LLC, the creator of the point cloud exploitation toolset, LP360. Today GeoCue is the largest supplier of kinematic LIDAR processing tools in North America and LP360 is the world’s most widely used tool for exploiting point cloud data in an ArcGIS® environment.  In 2014, GeoCue Group founded AirGon, a division focused on using small Unmanned Aerial Systems for high accuracy mapping. Leveraging our expertise in production risk reduction and point cloud processing tools, we are continuing to bring new services and products to market to provide surveyors and other geomatics professionals exciting tools for geospatial data extraction using low cost drones, including Loki our plug-and-play PPK direct positioning system.  To learn more, visit www.geocue.com.